The Real Reason You Should Listen to iHeartRadio

While I am studying, or actually in between study sessions, I have started listening to iHeartRadio.  I wanted to listen to something new on my Kindle and haven’t put my songs back on it since wiping the whole thing over the weekend.  (thought maybe it would run faster, it doesn’t really)

So I downloaded iHeartRadio because all the radio stations think you should get it!

I have found the perfect station, and it is totally accurate!  If you take a listen, you’ll agree!

Embarrassing Favorites!

I’m really enjoying this song actually!  haha


In other news, I am dying to do something crafty but midterms are this week and I really don’t have the time!  There is also another bit of awesome news I will be sharing with you soon 🙂  That explains why I have been so MIA!

Give us your two cents!

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