christina designs art - #blog - #etsy - #handmade_jewelry

I am selling my handmade jewelry from my Etsy Shop: ChristinaDesignsArt

I am selling my digital art, original watercolors, from my Meylah Shop: ChristinaDesignsArt

Looking for me on the Web?  I’m all over!

Facebook    ~   Twitter    ~  Pinterest    ~Meylah Shop   ~   Etsy Shop

Email me with questions, comments, or if you just want to talk!   christina[dot]pertz[at]gmail[dot]com

*image mask via Albums to Remember

11 thoughts on “About

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    1. christinapertz1 Post author

      Thanks for stopping by! The guy is obviously a jerk. Who asks for input, then when its given immediately attacks? Neither of us said he was a bad person, but he sure made it sound like we were!


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