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On Letting Go: Part 1

I am constantly over-analyzing situations.  I can’t stand when I do it, but I almost can’t stop myself.  Lately I have been trying to make a conscious effort to stop over-thinking things I cannot change.  It is a serious problem that just makes me stressed out and unhappy.

The hardest part about growing is letting go of what you were used to, and moving on with something you’re not.

When my boyfriend and I broke up, and this was a little over a month ago, this was a huge change in my life.  We had been together almost 5 years, and while it had been my decision to make the change, it was still a big decision for me.  That part of my life had turned toxic, it was an unhappiness that had started to leak into other parts of my life, but in the end, I just wanted nothing to do with it.  When I realized I didn’t want to give up other parts of my life in order to be with him or spend time with him, I knew it was time to let go.

It’s usually quite hard to let go and move on, but once you do, you’ll feel free and realize it was the best decision you’ve ever made.

Oh boy is that quote ever true!  I do feel really free.  I feel more focused on school.  I feel like I have time to spend on my other hobbies, and I don’t feel guilty that I am not spending time with someone else instead of enjoying my own time.  I had really started to put my own hobbies aside because I thought I should instead be with him whenever I had free time on the weekends, because we didn’t have a lot of other time together.  And now, I don’t have to worry about that.  I can focus on me and my studying and my own fun stuff.  I can spend a few hours sewing or painting if I want to.  Or I could take a nap in the middle of the day, because I don’t need to hurry to get stuff done so I am free later.  Its so relaxing to realize I don’t have to rush unless I want to.

What you allow is what will continue.

Of course there are some days I am bored and miss having somewhere to be and socializing.  I am working on that tho.  I’m trying to make new friends, and spend more time talking with and being with my old friends that I tend to “let go” of once I am in a relationship.  Another poor habit I am hoping to break this time around.

If you feel like your ship is sinking, it might be a good time to throw out the stuff that’s been weighing it down.  Let go of people who bring you down, and surround yourself with those who bring out the best in you.

This is also true about things.  I am a collector of things.  I feel the need to save things incase of future use, or because of sentimental value.  I’ve been reading a lot about minimalism lately.  And the whole law of attraction.  If you have a lot of stuff and are constantly thinking about all this stuff, you will continue to have all this stuff.  If you think negatively about these things, only negative thoughts will follow.  With that in mind, I’ve been looking through my things and trying to sell or donate as much as I can.  I seriously went through my closet and emptied out a lot of clothes.  I don’t need all this stuff, someone else might really love these clothes, I should give them away.  Those are the thoughts I’ve been having about a lot of things.  So much clutter around my space. The clutter is suffocating sometimes.  Makes me antsy and stressed.  Makes me want to empty out my space and start over.

Back to the law of attraction, one of the examples in The Secret is about a woman who was actively searching for a husband, she lived alone, in a full house of her own things.  She was given advice to start living in her house as if she was already living the life she wanted.  So she parked on one side of the garage, and opened up space on the other.  She cleaned out her closet to have room for someone else’s things, she slept on one side of the bed.  End of the story, she found a wonderful man to marry.  Personally, I think that is an extreme example.  However, the truth is still there, while I have all these possessions holding me back, I am not prepared for my future, the one that I want.  The one where I am living on my own with my own household items.  In a clean house/duplex/condo/etc, all my own, where I can come home after work and spend time on my hobbies or with friends or whoever.  So I’m cleaning out.  I’m removing items that I don’t think I would move with me, or items from the last time I lived on my own, over 5 years ago.  Cleaning house, donating my household items, makes me happier to know I am helping someone, as well as myself, move on.

If you are diligent and patient, everything you truly need in your life will come to you at the right time.

Quotes from

Daily Prompt: The Wanderer

Daily Prompt: Tell us about the top five places you’ve always wanted to visit. GO!

Ha!  Sometimes I add “GO!” to the end of my emails or text messages….funny stuff.

I’ve always wanted to go to France…and then I did in June 2001.  That was a great 3 weeks with my high school French class.  My sister and BFF also went, so double bonus.  We spent 2 weeks touring France, and then 1 week with a French family.  Those are some funny stories I might have to share at some point.  No photos to share now.

Golde Gate Bridge, California

Golden Gate Bridge, California

Muir Woods, California

Muir Woods, California…almost got lost in here too!


I’ve always wanted to go to California, in 2007 I went to San Francisco with my then boyfriend.  It was a great trip.  We stayed at a tiny hotel right in the middle of like everything, we walked all over the city.  We found this amazing beer store and kept going back there, even spending some evenings there chatting with the locals.  Although, I was really shy back then so I wasn’t doing much talking.  Then we went on a winery van tour that was really fun.  I hope to do that again sometime.





I’ve always wanted to go to NYC, and then in November 2010 I went for like 3-4 days.  It was a solo trip, I have a friend who lives in the city and I stayed with her and wandered the city alone while she worked.  That was a really great trip, I can’t wait to go back sometime!  My favorite place was Greenwich Village, I really enjoyed that area.

Times Square, NYC

Thats me in Times Square! This is on the Forever 21 building.

My brother has been to London and really liked it, it would be really cool to visit there.  I don’t know much about it tho.

I read the Karen Marie Moning Fever series (pick up a book at the library, they are a fantasy series and NOT for teens), and those books are based in Dublin.  I would love to visit and see some of the places she mentions.

Italy is definitely on the list.  Its a pain I can’t eat pasta or regular pizza anymore, but for the wineries and the history, it would totally be worth it.  My friend is there right now celebrating her anniversary.  She is one lucky duck.

I’d like to go back to California and spend more time going through the wineries.  And maybe when its warmer, we went in February, right around the Chinese New Year, and it was windy and chilly most of the time.  I actually bought a fleece when we walked along the Pier, it was so chilly.  I prefer much warmer weather, so I’d like it to be high 70s!

I can’t come up with any other place specifically.  I do like to visit new places and try new things, so I am usually up to travel!

Life Update

Hi everyone.  Things have been quiet here.  I do apologize.

Want the mini version?  Read only what’s in color.

PTA School has been crazy insane this quarter.  With all the snow days we had, this has felt like the shortest quarter and we still had the same amount of material we had to learn!  Finals week just ended and so far I know I have passed 1 of my 2 classes.  Awesome, because that was a killer class, Musculoskeletal 1.  We learned about all the joints of the body (for the 3rd time) and then all the different exercises that would be used for those areas. It was so hard!  And we have it again next quarter where we learn all the pathologies (diseases and injuries) and how to apply those exercises!  AHH!  Another class, Kinesiology 2, have not heard back yet if I passed.

In other news, my boyfriend of 5 years and I have ended our relationship.  It was a tough decision, but I do believe it is the right one.  Eventually, we just stopped being compatible.  I am excited for the next chapter of my life.  The past few months I had really started missing being creative, painting, DIYing, sewing, etc.  Partly because I felt like anytime I had free time, I should really be studying.  But also because of the extra stress of school and the responsibilities of everything else.  It had become too much and I just wasn’t happy anymore.

For the past week (at least), I have been feeling good and ready to get my craft on.  I’ve already made 2 new pieces of jewelry and photographed them to share (yay).  I have a refashion project that I have been planning for months and took some of the steps to finish yesterday.  Of course, I did it all backwards so its actually going to be much harder then it essentially needed to be.  Naturally.

Other awesome news, where I went to college, the University of Dayton of Dayton, OH made the Sweet 16 for the first time in 30 years!!  THEN they beat that team and now they are in the Elite 8 (this one shows pictures of the student neighborhood celebrating after the Sweet 16 win)I am so ecstatic I can barely contain myself!  Their next game is Saturday night, I cannot wait to watch it!  I had planned to stay home and relax and craft, but now I’ll be out at a bar with some peeps enjoying the game!

My lovely niece and nephew are so full of energy!  They are 10 months old!  J is walking, he can officially stand up not holding on to anything, and walk on his own at least a few feet before crawling again!  Its crazy, his sister C is walking as well, she walks circles around the couches and everything.  Reminds me of how I used to crawl around the sides of a swimming pool when I was a kid (I can’t swim).  They are incredibly adorable and so much fun.  Extremely active, I am constantly crawling after them.  My knees will be all bruised up this summer from crawling on the kitchen floor!  But so much fun 🙂  Their birthday is early May, so we are already started the plans for their party!  I will show some photos of their decorations and the setup afterwards.

I think tonight I will work on my blog.  Set up some posts.  Finally update my buttons to make my new banner.  (PS.  Do you like?)  Just kinda clean up some things!

…Actually I won’t get too far.  I got up at 4:20am this morning, and tomorrow I have to get up at 4am!  So I’ll be heading up to bed in about an hour, I like to read and pin things before I go to sleep.  I work at 6am on the weekends (usually), so my Friday nights are fairly lame.

Thanks for catching up with me, everyone who made it all the way through!


21 Little Pleasures in Life

21 Little Pleasures in Life list ~ Christina Designs Art blogI was reading the Community Pool today and someone left a comment that included her post where she wrote about 21 Little Pleasures in Life.  I thought it sounded like a great idea and wanted to share my list too.

1. That scent that makes you think of home.
2. Meeting a puppy for the first time.
3. Fresh picked flowers in a vase on the table.
4. Receiving positive feedback from your teacher.
5. Receiving positive feedback from your boss for a task you thought went unnoticed.
6. A warm summer breeze from your open car windows.
7. Your favorite song on the radio in the car.
8. Your favorite brew on draft at a bar.
9. A surprise encounter with a friend while out shopping.
10. When you finally “get it” about something at work or school.
11. Brand new crayons, colored pencils, and markers, and a blank pad of paper.
12. A warm fuzzy blanket for cuddling under.
13. The smell of cologne on an attractive man.
14. Dancing to your favorite song(s) at your house or anywhere else.
15. A book you can’t seem to put down or stop reading even though its 3am and you have to be up at 7am.
16. Putting on your first tank or dress of the spring season.
17. Enjoying a glass of wine with someone you love on the patio on a warm evening.
18. Looking at photos from your childhood or college and remembering “the good ole days.”
19. Finding something super awesome, at thrift store prices.
20. Those odd smells that remind you of past memories.  For instance, craft foam smells amazing and reminds me of when I was a kid and used to play with art supplies and make things all the time.
21. Meeting new people and making new friends.

Can’t wait to see other people’s lists, if you make one, please come back and share it or link to me so I can post it here!

Have You Ever..?

Have you ever read something like a gazillion times and then replied to it thinking you know what you’re saying.  Then you show someone else, and they’re like “dude, that’s not what that meant.”  Then you feel like an idiot?

Yeah. My bad.  So I got this comment on a past post about stealing content, and I read her comment like 10 times trying to decide which way her comment was pointing.  I thought it was an argument but maybe it was just a comment I was misreading because I feel so strongly in one direction about it.

Well I think that was the case.  And I totally owe this person an apology.  I don’t even know if I should leave all the comments on the post because the exchange did happen, or if I should delete my response or edit it and leave her’s because it is relevant?  Whats the protocol for when a blogger misreads a person’s comment and responds kinda roughly?

(If you know btw, do tell me, because I am clueless.)  EDIT: I deleted my offending comment and left her’s because it is relevant and she made some good points.

I feel like I committed a social faux paux.  I still don’t even know if I follow the comment the way everyone else must be reading it.  I think the comment when she said it might be “impossible” to prevent the stealing of content, that made me think she was on the other side.

Enough.  I’m sorry for my misinterpretation and for assuming things instead of asking questions.

PS.  If you think my blog looks funny, its because I’m trying out a new theme and changing up my header still.  Sorry for the weirdness.

What City Should You Actually Live In? Buzzfeed Quiz

I read sayyestohappy the blog (and so should you), and today one of the ladies took the What City Should You Actually Live In? Quiz from Buzzfeed.  She seemed to enjoy it, so I took it too!


I got Cape Town:

You have never been able to sit still a single day in your life. An avid adventurer you are always looking for the most unconventional way to do things. You love city life, but couldn’t imagine life without getting out into nature every once in a while. Cape Town is calling.

Interesting choice for me.  I absolutely love to be busy and go out and experience new things!  I love to meet new people and its true, I do love the city life!  I had a blast in NYC when I visited.  I love to be able to walk out my door and walk down the street to shops or friend’s houses (back in the college days this was easier).  But I also have to have my time with trees and flowers and gardens.  I love to spend time outside in parks and around wonderfully smelling flowers and tending to a garden.

I literally know nothing about Cape Town.  I guess I will have to read up on it!  It certainly is quite pretty!

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Blogiversary and Giveaway!

Diary of a Mad Mama is having her Blogiversary with an AWESOME giveaway of some of her handmade items! I can’t decide which I would love more, a sweater infinity scarf or the woolen mittens! Don’t forget, all of you with smart phones would really love the Owl iphone case! Such adorableness! Click through to enter!

Diary of a MadMama

One year ago today I published the very first post on this little blog…I can hardly believe it!

I’m so thankful for all of you who read and follow Diary of a MadMama.

Every time someone comments on, likes, refers, pins, and shares one of my posts; it completely makes my day.

I’m especially grateful for those who decide to feature my blog on their websites. For example, being invited to be one of the competitors on the first season of the Refashion Runway Competition was definitely a huge highlight of the first year…thanks Beth!

But most of all, It has been amazing to meet, connect and share encouragement with readers and fellow bloggers who, although I’ve not met them in person, feel like close friends.

To give you a recap of this past year, here are highlights from some of the most popular posts each month, followed by a celebratory…

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What You Believe About Homosexuality Doesn’t Matter

This must be the BEST way to look at the Homosexuality discussions and you should remember what the author says here whenever anyone brings it up: “The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t matter whether or not you think homosexuality is a sin. Let me say that again. It does not matter if you think homosexuality is a sin, or if you think it is simply another expression of human love. It doesn’t matter. Why doesn’t it matter? Because people are dying. Kids are literally killing themselves because they are so tired of being rejected and dehumanized that they feel their only option left is to end their life. ”

“We are past the time for debate. We no longer have the luxury to consider the original meaning of Paul’s letter to the Corinthian church. We are now faced with the reality that there are lives at stake. So whatever you believe about homosexuality, keep it to yourself. Instead, try telling a gay kid that you love him and you don’t want him to die. Try inviting her into your church and into your home and into your life. Anything other than that simply doesn’t matter.”