35 Before 35

My 35 Before 35 List: I will be adding things on here that I already finished in the past year as well as unfinished things, and then I will write a blog post about them and hopefully include photos or links! Works for me 🙂

1. Take my handmade items and sell them at a craft show – done.
2. Apply to do something outgoing and out of my comfort zone – done x2.
3. Finish watching the last few seasons of Angeldone (08/2012).
4. Make my blog work and consistently write/post to it – doing well so far!
5. Take my online art sales to the next level – sold 2 paintings on Etsy: painting 1 and painting 2 01/2013.
6. Scan and edit every photo/memorabilia from my Grandma’s photo albums – 3 albums scanned!
7. Make 25 sales (preferably online) of my handmade items – done, but not online (07/2012).
8. Start and finish my first large scale painting: 4 ft x 5ft -Memphis Pearl painting, 10/2013.
9. Sign up and volunteer at Scrap 4 Art – done, fall 2012.
10. Refashion the clothes pile:  done x1 Jeans to Bermudas (07/2012), done x2 Jeans to Capris (07/2012), done x3 Mens Shirt to Skirt (07/2012).
12. Watch all seasons until up to date of Vampire Diaries.
15. Watch all the geek shows I started but never finished: Chuck, Big Bang Theory, Eureka, etc.
16. Read the free books I’ve been collecting on my Kindle Fire.
17. Write reviews for 90% of the books I get and read from Amazon.
18. Make a convertible/infinity dress.
21. Use Rit Dye on some type of clothes I wrote about my Adventures with Rit Dye here.
24. Make a wrap Memory Wire bracelet– done 09/2012.
25. Crochet with something other than traditional yarn.
26. Make a rag rug.
27. Learn to Quilt.
28. Increase my client list by 25 new clients, at least!  -change of plans
29. Do something good consistently– done, Gluten-Free diet started on 06/27/2012.
30. Wear it, or donate it.
31.  Sell my handmade items locallyDONE (07/2012).
32. Get a puppy.
33. Sell digital artwork online.
34. Finish PTA school (graduated April 2015) and acquire an awesome job!

8 thoughts on “35 Before 35

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  5. seeker

    Catching, do you have change for a nickel. Thanks for liking my DP posts. Looks like your list is more challenging that writing the post. #12 – are following the latest blood sucking loving vamps lately? I am addicted to that show. Good luck with your list. Won’t ask you how many years you have left to finish this list.

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