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Refashion Friday: Watercolor Painting on Fabric (videos)

Whew!  Its been awhile.  No matter, here’s another Refashion Friday for you all!

Refashion Friday: Watercolor Painting on Fabric

1.  Love this video and I already have these fabric markers because I found them 75% off (damaged) at JoAnns!  Yes!

thegirlcreative - watercolor fabric painting

Watercolor Fabric Painting with The Girl Creative

2.  I love this from The Girl Creative because you could use a large bedsheet, curtains, anything cotton, maybe make a tablecloth!  How pretty would that be??

3.  If you can get past the discussion in this Martha video, and maybe get a little more creative…this could be fun.  Cute for a baby’s onesie- ahh!  Thats a good one!


…Harder to find then you might think.  Either way, I’m obsessed with this new technique and was happy to learn about the freezer paper behind the fabric, ironed on, tip.  Thats a great idea to help keep the fabric from stretching!  Totally going to try this in about 3 weeks, when I am on break from school!