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Life Update

Hi everyone.  Things have been quiet here.  I do apologize.

Want the mini version?  Read only what’s in color.

PTA School has been crazy insane this quarter.  With all the snow days we had, this has felt like the shortest quarter and we still had the same amount of material we had to learn!  Finals week just ended and so far I know I have passed 1 of my 2 classes.  Awesome, because that was a killer class, Musculoskeletal 1.  We learned about all the joints of the body (for the 3rd time) and then all the different exercises that would be used for those areas. It was so hard!  And we have it again next quarter where we learn all the pathologies (diseases and injuries) and how to apply those exercises!  AHH!  Another class, Kinesiology 2, have not heard back yet if I passed.

In other news, my boyfriend of 5 years and I have ended our relationship.  It was a tough decision, but I do believe it is the right one.  Eventually, we just stopped being compatible.  I am excited for the next chapter of my life.  The past few months I had really started missing being creative, painting, DIYing, sewing, etc.  Partly because I felt like anytime I had free time, I should really be studying.  But also because of the extra stress of school and the responsibilities of everything else.  It had become too much and I just wasn’t happy anymore.

For the past week (at least), I have been feeling good and ready to get my craft on.  I’ve already made 2 new pieces of jewelry and photographed them to share (yay).  I have a refashion project that I have been planning for months and took some of the steps to finish yesterday.  Of course, I did it all backwards so its actually going to be much harder then it essentially needed to be.  Naturally.

Other awesome news, where I went to college, the University of Dayton of Dayton, OH made the Sweet 16 for the first time in 30 years!!  THEN they beat that team and now they are in the Elite 8 (this one shows pictures of the student neighborhood celebrating after the Sweet 16 win)I am so ecstatic I can barely contain myself!  Their next game is Saturday night, I cannot wait to watch it!  I had planned to stay home and relax and craft, but now I’ll be out at a bar with some peeps enjoying the game!

My lovely niece and nephew are so full of energy!  They are 10 months old!  J is walking, he can officially stand up not holding on to anything, and walk on his own at least a few feet before crawling again!  Its crazy, his sister C is walking as well, she walks circles around the couches and everything.  Reminds me of how I used to crawl around the sides of a swimming pool when I was a kid (I can’t swim).  They are incredibly adorable and so much fun.  Extremely active, I am constantly crawling after them.  My knees will be all bruised up this summer from crawling on the kitchen floor!  But so much fun 🙂  Their birthday is early May, so we are already started the plans for their party!  I will show some photos of their decorations and the setup afterwards.

I think tonight I will work on my blog.  Set up some posts.  Finally update my buttons to make my new banner.  (PS.  Do you like?)  Just kinda clean up some things!

…Actually I won’t get too far.  I got up at 4:20am this morning, and tomorrow I have to get up at 4am!  So I’ll be heading up to bed in about an hour, I like to read and pin things before I go to sleep.  I work at 6am on the weekends (usually), so my Friday nights are fairly lame.

Thanks for catching up with me, everyone who made it all the way through!


Day 1 of the Blog Challenge

Day 1 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge <- click here to find out what I am talking about!

1.  A photo of yourself and how your day was.

Photo on 2013-04-08 at 22.18 #2

I had fun with the “thermal image” option on my Photo Booth application on my Mac.  I think it looks kinda cool.  And this is probably how I look while I read stuff online!

Today began Week 2 of my PTA school!  I did not work today and so I spent most of today preparing for my quiz today and the next 3 days!

I slept in and it was delightful. Of course I stayed up late after downloading CandySwipe 2.0 on my Kindle Fire, and then played like an awesome 3 games 5-10 games instead of sleeping.

I got up and washed my hair; to make my hair look fairly nice and lay straight, I basically have to do it right away.  I can’t really let it air dry without it looking frizzy and with weird flips.  In the summer I am lucky that it gets these nice waves when there is high humidity, can’t wait for that again!

After this I had my usual breakfast of chocolate milk (yum!), and a yogurt, today I chose key lime.  Then I read my emails while listening to the new Macklemore song, And We Danced, which has an awesome spot with Nordstrom Bridal.  Check it out.

I studied for a few hours, I think I did nothing for about an hour, then I got ready for class and headed out.  I like to get to class early, then I can chat before class or sneak in some more studying before its time to stop.

Mondays are Introduction to Physical Therapy from 5pm-7pm which is not the most interesting class.  We have a quiz on Wednesday in this class.  Medical Terminology starts at 7pm, unless the other class ends early.  Today we had our first quiz in Medical Terminology, which is basically just memorizing symbols for chart documenting and abbreviations, and spelling, the whole list is huge.  Today we had a spelling test of about 20 words out of like 50+ that we needed to know.  Then there was fill in the blank for other medical terms, definitions, and matching.  I’m pretty sure I got everything right except for 2 abbreviations that were from other lists, and left behind on the test by my teacher on accident.  Week 2 abbreviations and terms will definitely be harder than this last set.

And now I am ending today writing this blog, studying Anatomy, and watching Friends!  Oh, and eating half a movie-size box of Bottlecaps candy.

Big News and a Year of Something New Update

So, big news everybody!!!  I’m so excited to share with everyone that I have been accepted into the Physical Therapist Assistant program at a local school!

I cannot wait!  Classes start beginning of April and I will be going to school full time for 2 years.  I am lucky that I already have a B.A. and have finished my core classes: English, Psychology, and Sociology so I am able to skip those classes (save money) and take classes only 4 days a week.  The PTA program is an Associate degree and that’s why I would need the core classes.  My schooling will start early April (!!!!), and I am in the evening classes Monday thru Thursday.  Quarters are 12 weeks long with a 1 week break in between quarters.

I will continue to work at JoAnns while in school, but probably knock it down to just a few days a week, I hear PTA school is just like having a job.  This will be much more intensive than my yearlong Massage Therapy program.

I just wanted to share the news with everyone and let you know I will continue to blog, though I may have to learn to plan better.  I will also continue my jewelry making as well as my Year of Something New.

Year of Something New Update:

Speaking of, this month of February was supposed to be my month to read books.  As it turns out, I couldn’t get excited about that.  So instead I started reading one book, The Walking Dead Compendium 1, which has no page numbers but is most definitely about 1000 pages!  My boyfriend bought this for me for Christmas this year, it is a graphic novel/comic and the show is based off this book.  Honestly, I have to say I am seeing very little resemblance between the 2!  For that reason I am reading it slower than usual.  And I find I am not crazily drawn to it like most novels I read, so I can easily read it slowly and think about it and compare it to the show.  I can see how they couldn’t follow it exactly because there just wouldn’t be enough drama to hold interest for a TV show.

I’m also spending this month working on baby projects, so when that month comes, I think it is March, I’ll still be doing baby stuff, but maybe I will be finding stuff from my other months to try too.  Turns out I can’t wait that long to get started on these projects, I have already done so much but I keep finding more stuff I want to make for the babies.

Luckily I like to stay busy!