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Gluten Free & Me & You

As some of you might be aware, I am gluten-free.  Last June I decided to try out being gluten-free to see if that was the cause of all my “intestinal discomfort”.  I had been sick one day June 2012, for a few hours, and that evening I looked up possible reasons because as far as I knew, I hadn’t eaten anything that was on my usual Do No Eat list.  My sister suggested I check to see if maybe I was gluten intolerant, wouldn’t that suck.  Yeah a bit.  Turns out I had about 10-15 of the symptoms, and they ranged from my intestinal problems, to fatigue and personality traits!  That’s when I decided I should at least give it a go and see how it feels.

I believe it has been a full year since going gluten free and while I miss some foods I used to really enjoy, I feel SO MUCH BETTER.  Its definitely a more positive outlook for my intestinal health than it was a year ago, plus some personality changes that aren’t so bad either 🙂

More to the point, I like to experiment with cooking and had original hoped to share some of my recipes and foods that I make with you all.  But now I am wondering if anyone would be interested on my thought of gluten free pre-packaged foods or from restaurants.  Or when I make something gluten free if anyone is curious about the recipe and how it turned out?

I am including a poll if you would be so kind as to take it and please add your comments to the bottom if your answer is missing or you’d like to add more!

What is Crowdtap?


Hi all!  I belong to a website Crowdtap – “Crowdtap is the Influencer Marketing platform, enabling leading brands to easily identify, activate and manage their influential consumers for real-time insights and powerful online and offline peer-to-peer marketing. ”  What do I do with Crowdtap?  I answer questions, participate in discussions, and review products for national brands.

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