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Update for Year of Something New + January Pics

Update for my Year of Something New:

March turned into my baby month.  I have been using most of my time to make my baby gifts as well as find the cutest baby items I can to buy for the twins!  Now’s the time to buy winter baby clothes for next year!  My sister is requesting a book from each person instead of a card for the shower.  Such a lovely idea!  If only I could decide on a book!  I love the If You Give A Mouse A Cookie series, but then I was thinking what about Very Hungry Caterpillar?  Thats nice too.  I’m probably going to give them each a book just because I won’t be able to decide!  And everybody loves books!

I realized a few days ago I never posted any pics from my January organizing.  Here are a few:


The best change was taking down those faded papers from inside my organizer and just painting the plastic.  I used regular acrylic paint, I totally know it can just scrape off.  But I’m just looking for a temporary pretty fix, so not everyone can see my socks and stuff.  Then I rearranged a bookshelf that held parts of my various collections.  I collect penguins (if you can’t tell), so anything with a penguin on it I like to keep.  I had 5 wine bottles from the Little Penguin Winery, I ended up only keeping the special edition bottles.  I also rearranged my books by series and moved my favorites to a smaller bookshelf.before_after2

This small table is next to my bed.  I have a pretty ornate mirror that sits on top with an old Coca Cola lamp and various vintage items.  Underneath it though, thats another story.  The drawer I had to remove because it doesn’t fit and just kept falling.  What I really need is a shelf or open baskets or something.  I cleaned up the books and kept just a few, I recycled the old magazines, and moved anything that didn’t belong there. I keep my cute ferrets there tho, they were made by a friend who designed them herself (and the penguins).  I used to have ferrets and they were created after a photo I gave her.  Its nice to keep them nearby to remember them.  The penguins have moved to go with my other collection.  That organizer is where my loose beads are sorted by color- and thats only a small portion of them!  Then I cleaned up my art books so I could actually read the titles.before_after3

Ahhh yes, my closet and other side of the bed, where I was hiding clutter I didn’t know what to do with!  The closet got a serious sorting, I forgot to take the after photo, but I sorted everything by color and also by type; dresses, pants, jackets, etc.  Then I threw everything I loved but just can’t wear until I refashion it, into one big pile.  Top Left photo is the “hidden” corner of my room.  Much nicer now that I have moved all the clothes that need to be refashioned, art supplies have gone to where they belong, and a whole bunch of papers were recycled!


My dresser needed some extra help too.  Its where I kept piling things I needed to look at, but then never did.  I just moved everything off there that wasn’t makeup or a hair product, or something to put those things in!  And now more penguins on shelves!  I removed the Prom glasses and some of the vases and put them on the other bookshelf.  These should really have a theme of some sort.

That isn’t even all I’ve done.  Its just the only stuff I have photos of now and is completely done.  I am also sorting my other art supplies and am using the inexpensive organizing bins from the Dollar Store.  I hate to buy organizers, but I was lost without them.  If it will make my life easier and not so crazy, I should really give it a try!  So I did!  And now labeled, everything is easy to see and find!  I even sorted my scrapbook paper by color into 2 gallon bags.  I’d love to take credit for that idea, but I found it at Mad In Crafts, who wrote a whole post with ideas to use Dollar Store items to organize your house.  THANK YOU!