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PAD: Writing Room

Daily Prompt: A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?

My room is for reading, because I love to read – not so much with the writing!

My room is full of books, floor to ceiling and the ceiling is so high I have one of those rolling ladders!

The room isn’t a square or rectangle, it has alcoves and smaller “rooms” within the big room.

There are couches and lounges and over-stuffed chairs, side tables with lamps, large desks with ornate lamps, chandeliers hanging from the high ceilings.

There are floor cushions and pillows, luscious floor rugs, places to lay down, places to prop on the pillows, places to sit and read anything I want!

My awesome "reading room"

My awesome “reading room”

Mother/Daughter Etsy Shop Raises Money for Mother’s Surgery

Today I’d like to share with you a Mother/Daughter team shop on Etsy, FromScrapstoCrafts.  Daughter, Kristin is selling their handmade goods to help raise money for her Mother’s hand surgeries.  You can check out her blog and read the full story here.

EDIT: I apologize, I first heard of Kristin and her shop through Pillows-A-La-Mode who wrote about their shop here.

Her Mother, Linda, has been creating her own paintings on glassware for years now to support her Father who suffered from a stroke over 10 years ago.  In the last year she has suffered intense pain in her hands to where she could no longer paint and support her family.  The doctor confirmed she has severe nerve damage in both hands.  In order to regain her hand strength and use, she must undergo $8,000 in surgeries and after-care or she will lose complete use of her hands.

Don’t forget to check out her Facebook page with other Fundraiser items here.  Lots of the glassware is pictured there!

The great thing about this Etsy shop is that the items are made by them both!  All scrapbooking items are made by Kristin: handmade cards and gift tags, her Mother made these: wine glasses and glassware, solar lights, candles and candle holders.  Here are a few of my favorites in her shop!

Birthday Card, 5x7" for sale on Etsy $4

Birthday Card, 5×7″ for sale on Etsy $4

gift tag

Snowmen Gift Tag Set (6) with custom box for sale on Etsy $6


3″ Penguin Pillar Candle for sale on Etsy $7


Strawberry & Flowers Cake Stand Server for sale on Etsy $30
(this might be my favorite, I love strawberries painted on glass!!!)


Smiling Snowman Wine Glass Candle Holder for sale on Etsy $8

I hope you will all check out her shop and favorite her items or share them with your networks!  Or if you feel the need, I guess I can deal if someone else wants to buy her Strawberry painted glassware!!!

Please show your support in any way you can, to see such artistic talent be taken away is very sad.  She paints beautifully and I hope she can pick up a brush again soon!

Christmas Decorations in my House

I wanted to share the decorations we put up at our house (I live with my Mom), just for fun!  We love to decorate for Christmas!  My Grandma loved Christmas and she was also very crafty, so she made lots of the decorations we put out in our house.  And then last year I made a bunch of painted wood pieces to hang up, so those are out too.  Plus a selection of my own penguins are placed around the house to spruce things up!

Shelf in the Bathroom

Shelf in the Bathroom

Our Fireplace Mantle

Our Fireplace Mantle

Glass Cabinet

Glass Cabinet in Living Room

Cards on the Piano

Cards on the Piano

Mini Christmas Tree

Mini Christmas Tree in Dining Room

China Cabinet Nativity

China Cabinet Nativity

Holly Leaves on Kitchen Pantry

Christmas Greenery above Kitchen Pantry

Poinsettas above Kitchen Cabinets

Poinsettias above Kitchen Cabinets

Christmas Bulb Wreath

Christmas Bulb Wreath

Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath (my Mom and sister did this)

Snowmen on the Stairs

Snowmen on the Stairs


Kindergarten photos of me and my sibs

Kindergarten photos of me and my sibs


Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree (I made the tree skirt last year!)

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!!  Tonight we will have a snacking dinner and then open presents, and play games until its late and we are so tired!!  What do you like to do with your family??

Burlap Giveaway!

Saved By Love Creations


Remember my Confession: I Don’t Like Burlap post?

Saved By Love Creations has teamed up with BurlapFabric.com to bring you a chance to win $25 in store credit. You can spend this however you want at BurlapFabric.com.”

To enter all you need to do is visit BurlapFabric.com and pick what item you would buy, then comment on this post!  (do not comment on MY blog, I am not part of the giveaway)

I won’t be entering, but since lots of people saw my burlap post, I thought I would pass this along.

And if you’ve never visited Saved By Love Creations I highly suggest you check out her tutorials and maybe sign up for her RSS feed or emails.  I get her emails and she always has tutorial round-ups or really fun (but not too hard) tutorials to try.


I Work at JoAnn Fabrics!!!

Hey everybody!  I wanted to spread the awesomeness- I just scored a seasonal position at JoAnn Fabrics!!!!!   AHHHH!

I’ve been there about 2 weeks now, worked maybe 5 days total (I’ve been busy too plus they’ve been training lots of newbies).  I am so excited to finally be working somewhere that my crafty skills might actually matter and benefit the job!  Especially since I could actually be one of those people who makes the crafty items they show as samples.  I’ve always wanted that job!

One of my favorite parts of the job so far is working the cutting counter.  I thought it would be really hard because I absolutely hate math and doing conversions?  Just forget it!  But nicely- most people ask for their fabric cut in yards, so I don’t have to do any of the conversions, but lately everyone keeps asking for 5 feet…and I just stand there and stare at them while I think!  Ha but uh hello, it says right there that 3 feet = 1 yard…so this should really not be a critical thinking part.  One lady kept staying “5 yards” when she meant “5 feet” so I counted it out and kept repeating, “5 yards?” until finally she corrected herself!  haha  But seriously, I just love it.  You learn about all these cool projects- one woman had me cut 2 yards each of about 20 different colors of sequin trim- she was making pasties for a burlesque party 🙂  haha She was telling me about the party, sounded so fun!

So now I have this lovely new job and I’m so happy to be working there 🙂  I really enjoy it and I hope I will learn lots of new things and be able to share them with you all!  Right now I am enjoying learning about all the different fabrics while I work at the cutting counter and help customers throughout the store find what they are looking for.  I’m a quick learner too!

Busy Past Few Weeks!


The last few weeks have been CrAzY busy!  I apologize for not keeping up-to-date with any of my projects or showing off my latest jewelry!  But never fear, I am in the process of several different projects:

  • Moving craft rooms- used to be downstairs, now in a bedroom upstairs, SO MUCH to organize
  • I painted a shelf, then had difficulty assembling it.  Will post that photo of a cool decoupage idea, now unfortunately unseen
  • General crafts organization – piles of stuff everywhere that needs a home
  • Jewelry – hemp bracelets + matching earrings, jewelry sets – all need to be made asap to sell to stores
  • Creating the bridesmaid jewelry for my cousin’s wedding: earrings, bracelets, necklaces
  • My cousin’s wedding gift is also in the works- but incase she reads this, I can’t show/tell you!  I will however share her bridal shower gift + favors
  • I’m rearranging all my Pinterest boards, when I started this project last week I had 1500+ pins in my DIY Projects board, now at about 1k!
  • Refashioning clothes (as seen on my 30 Before 30 List), I made a tshirt into a tube top, will post photos and my inspiration this week

I’m sure there are more projects, thats just the list I really really want to finish!

Then on September 2nd, my brother was deployed to Afghanistan.  From August 29th thru September 2nd I was in Fayetteville, NC (which is where Ft. Bragg Army Base is), spending time with the family before he left.  I have a few photos from that to share.  I still need to share my PIB vacation photos- and that was in July!  I hope to get all that done this week!  As well as, as much jewelry making as possible!


Painted Window

Pinterest Updates!

I love Pinterest.  Recently I have been checking out my Pinterest page and rearranging the boards.  I had a few I completed deleted, who needs a board with less than 10 items?  I consolidated a few and now I am moving around pins to new boards.

I have a HUGE board with about 1800 pins, and its my DIY Projects board.  Instead of pooling everything together, I decided to split it up into boards that make sense, such as DIY Home, DIY Baby, DIY/ART Supplies, DIY – Sewing Accessories, Bags, Etc, DIY – Sewing Clothes, etc.  Still working through everything, but I know sometimes people only want a little information instead of a million ideas.  So this way, you don’t have to follow all my DIY Projects board just to get some ideas!  Hope you enjoy the changes I made!  Check out some of my latest pins below:

DIY Legwarmers

DIY Legwarmers

Lamp Redo

Lamp Redo

DIY Galaxy Tee

DIY Galaxy Tee

Painted Window

Painted Window


Dead Bride

TLC Craft Wars

You in??  Tonight at 10pm EST on TLC Craft Wars premieres!!!  I’m so excited, I love Cupcake Wars, this is the same type of premise, but for us crafty DIYers!

Amy Anderson of Mod Podge Rocks! gives us a sneak peek preview here.

I can’t wait to see their crafty creations!!

Too excited to wait for the show to have some fun?  Check these out!

Enter to Win by uploading your photo to Crafts Gone Wrong and people vote, Unsightly or Not that Bad!

This one has the highest Unsightly votes with 109!
Unsightly Wedding Centerpiece

Personally I think this one is worse, with 86 Unsightly votes!
Dead Bride

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Behind the scenes with Tori Spelling.
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Tweet along with the show with hashtag #CraftWars  : #CraftWars

Get inspired with the Crafty/DIY Pinterest pins!