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Confession: I Want A New View with Pinterest


Lately I have been spending so much time deleting random Pinterest boards that I somehow have found myself to be following.  I assume many of these random boards are related to a “Follow All to enter this giveaway.”  I can’t stand those, why do I have to follow them all?  I’m still considered a follower if I just pick the ones I might actually enjoy.

You’ve all heard my thoughts on Twitter follows in a previous Confession post, but if you didn’t see it/can’t remember, read about it here.  I’m beginning to think similarily with my Pinterest.  I have never been one to “follow back” just because someone started following me.  I love Pinterest and want to look at quality content, so sorry if I don’t want to see images from your “Glamping” album because I have no interest there.

When I first started Pinterest I wasn’t gluten free, so I followed tons of recipe boards.  Now I find I have no use for “breads”, “pasta”, etc boards.  So a quick unfollow and I feel so much better!  While I am on said person’s board, I see I’m also following a myriad of boards I have no interest in, let alone ever even popup in my feed.  I am following too many boards, I never see everything!  So I am condensing.

I feel kinda guilty about it, but I unfollowed an Etsy board.  As someone who is hoping to sell their items and would love the joy of seeing a bracelet (find some here at my Etsy store!) pinned and repinned on Pinterest, I feel bad to unfollow a board that shares any awesome Etsy items.  However, thats all I see sometimes!  I wish those Etsy Handmade boards were more specific, but thats also so hard to regulate when you have like 50+ (or worse, like 500+) people posting to a board about whatever they want.  How does someone moderate a thing like that?  I suppose I could have my own boards, and share specific items like that, but I also hate having a million boards that people and/or myself aren’t even interested in.

After stopping following a few of the Etsy Handmade boards, I see so much more content!  But one thing I can’t decide, which DIY / Crafts boards should I keep following?  I must be following like 20 of those boards, but I only ever see a few of the same boards posting content, and some of it isn’t even all that “new”, even though most of it claims to be “genius!”  But thats another Confession altogether!  The big multi-contributor boards are the places that are constantly getting posted to, but I really don’t know how relevant some of these ideas are to DIY.  For instance, “Cleaning with Vinegar” is not what I would consider DIY or Crafts, and yet its in that board.  And while recipes are a type of craft, they belong under Recipes.  Know what I’m sayin?

Enlisting your help!  What do you think of these boards?  Keep?  Or unfollow??

DIY & Crafts – 5,000+ contributors!  96,000+ pins.  yowza   (basically takes over my feed)

Do It Yourself Today – 700+ contributors, 14,000+ pins

Budget Friendly DIY – 14 contributors, 176 pins.  must be fairly new

Getting Crafty – 30+ contributors, 3,900+ pins

Create – Just decided to unfollow but am so shocked by one of these pins.  I am sharing because I cannot be the only one who thinks someone’s political agenda was swept up into her mostly DIY board.

Getting Crafty & DIY – 30+ contributors, 3,900+ pins

Share Your Crafts – almost 800 contributors, 2,900+ pins

Mod Podge Rocks! – 125+ contributors, 2,500+ pins

Etsy Handmade Favorites- Group Gallery of Art & Jewelry  – I am also a contributor + 1,800 other people that rarely stick on topic, I’ve also only shared 1 time, and it was on accident. 28,500+ pins    (after looking at this, seriously considering making my own board and only inviting people who will stick to the topic)


After searching through my feed at 2 very different times (morning and night), the majority of pins comes from the 1st link: DIY & Crafts and the Etsy Handmade Faves boards.  They might have to go…at least for a time!

PS. I’ve added a few new items to my Facebook page’s photo albums, some of which are NOT on Etsy yet still for sale!

Gluten Free & Me & You

As some of you might be aware, I am gluten-free.  Last June I decided to try out being gluten-free to see if that was the cause of all my “intestinal discomfort”.  I had been sick one day June 2012, for a few hours, and that evening I looked up possible reasons because as far as I knew, I hadn’t eaten anything that was on my usual Do No Eat list.  My sister suggested I check to see if maybe I was gluten intolerant, wouldn’t that suck.  Yeah a bit.  Turns out I had about 10-15 of the symptoms, and they ranged from my intestinal problems, to fatigue and personality traits!  That’s when I decided I should at least give it a go and see how it feels.

I believe it has been a full year since going gluten free and while I miss some foods I used to really enjoy, I feel SO MUCH BETTER.  Its definitely a more positive outlook for my intestinal health than it was a year ago, plus some personality changes that aren’t so bad either 🙂

More to the point, I like to experiment with cooking and had original hoped to share some of my recipes and foods that I make with you all.  But now I am wondering if anyone would be interested on my thought of gluten free pre-packaged foods or from restaurants.  Or when I make something gluten free if anyone is curious about the recipe and how it turned out?

I am including a poll if you would be so kind as to take it and please add your comments to the bottom if your answer is missing or you’d like to add more!

PAD: Five a Day

Daily Prompt:  You’ve being exiled to a private island, and your captors will only supply you with five foods. What do you pick?

5 Foods I would want on my private island?  In this private island exile I will pretend I am not gluten-free…..after making my choices, apparently it doesn’t matter.  I guess I don’t miss gluten-foods as much as I think I do when I am out to eat.










Ice Cream Flavors

Ice Cream


Versatile Blogger Award

How exciting!  I’ve been nominated by my good friend Erinn of Mustelamania!  Erinn blogs about ferrets, “ferret news, fun, and love”.  Lots of fuzzy love I’d say!  Erinn and I met a several years ago in the online forum-sphere, back when I was brand new to ferrets and she had a few as well as great advice for me!  I no longer have my ferrets, but I learned a lot and am still passionate about ferrets and their well-being.  Erinn is the main lady over at Ferret Harmony, which I helped create as well as I do some behind-the-scenes work!  This isn’t in the “rules” but Erinn was nominated by the lady over at Tinkerwolf and if you are at all interested in raw feeding your pets, you gotta check out her website!  I’ve seen so little but I’m about to head over and read up a bit myself!

Per the Rules, THANK YOU ERINN!  For nominating me for this super sweet award 🙂  I also must share 7 things about myself!  Here goes!

1.  I’m an artist and designer and massage therapist, sometimes more 1 than the other!

2. I love penguins.  I collect them in every/any form possible, but I always prefer the fatter penguins….the fatter the better, as I always say.

3. I just went Gluten-Free about 1.5 months ago, I haven’t been tested, but I’m about 99% positive I have a gluten intolerance.  This means no BEER (one of my fave “foods”), no pizza, no hamburger buns, no bread, no tortillas for tacos or chimmichangas, no crackers!  Slowly getting used to it.

4. I currently have no pets of my own, but I like to claim my boyfriend’s parent’s spaniel Daisy, my dad’s doberman Gabriel, my boyfriend’s sister’s lab Bo, and pretty much any other animal I meet, as mine.  One day…one day…

5. I definitely hoard art/craft supplies, and except for my inability to organize them, I quite enjoy it.

6. I learned jewelry-making back in January and have since made 50+ pairs of earrings, 100s of beaded bobby pins, and more bracelets.  And starting 2 weeks ago I’ve started selling them in stores 🙂

7. I can’t swim.

And now I must nominate up to 15 blogs that I think deserve a nomination!  Here are some of my new faves:

EnergyMuse – I just started following them a few days ago (and they may be almost as new) but I already love all the info I’ve learned so far!  The blog is about gemstones and their benefits.  There’s more info in there and the last 2 days have been about Rubys and Rose Quartz, as a jewelry-maker, this is good stuff to know!

Studio Mothers – I might not be a mom, but this blog is full of creative energy and support and encouragement!  Every Monday is the Creative Intentions day where they encourage you to write down what you want to accomplish that week.  I love it!  I find I actually get those things done, even if I only see it that day, I still have it in mind what needs to be done.  Plus, other great articles and encouragement!

Domestocrat – I love her writing style, and she has great projects and real recipes.  She also inspired my 30 Before 30! She seems very down-to-earth, like a friend you’re reading about, and I like that in a blog 🙂  Its what I try to do, write like I talk- I’ve been told that before!

Rubicorno – Photography via iPhone.  And not just landscape or people photos, he alters them via some apps on the iPhone, and they become these thought-provoking photos and everyday places can be changed just by the effect he’s placed on them.

GlutenFreeHappyTummy – One big fat THANK YOU for this site!  While I haven’t tried many new recipes yet, I know I will soon!  Having only been gluten-free less than 2 months, I’m still only eating whats available instead of making much.  But she really tries new things, and tastes tests new products so I don’t have to.  Gluten-free food is pricey, to buy something and not like it- no longer an option!

Renegade Seamstress – FULL of DIYs and Refashions!  I love a good refashion, in fact I have a bag full of clothes that I want to refashion into something!  This chica has such a good eye for turning blah items into something fab!  This is the website that encouraged me to turn a men’s button down shirt into a skirt- I haven’t posted yet because the shirt I picked was threadbare and I need to line it before I can wear it!  lol