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PAD: Audience of One

Daily Prompt: Picture the one person in the world you really wish were reading your blog. Write her or him a letter.

I love that my boyfriend reads my blog, especially considering things I write about are rarely of interest to him!  I hope that some of my friends and family are also reading this.  But of all the people that it would be awesome to be reading this, I would love if the bloggers I read and really inspire me, also read this.

I became obsessed with blogs a few years ago when I discovered Design*Sponge.  I spent like 4 hours scouring the DIYs and tutorials on that site.  How cool if one of those editors were reading this?

When I found Mod Podge Rocks! I thought, finally, a craft I could really enjoy and includes like a million projects with stuff I already have!  And it includes such a variety of DIYs, one thing I love to do is change the furniture, move things around my room, I like to switch up the decor a lot!  And what a better way than to Mod Podge something?!  I would love if Amy saw, read, and then featured something I make on her blog!  The ultimate compliment!

Then I found Resin Crafts and became obsessed about reading about all that.  Carmi is so talented and has such a simple way of explaining things.  I bought resin and it just sits in the box because I am so nervous to get started!  But I am slowing working my way through my crafts!  Maybe next year!

I absolutely love the SimplyCreativeBoutique blog.  I know she reads my posts!  I always love to read her posts and its nice that she is nearby geographically.

And my most recent love is Whispering Sweet Nothings.  I just love that blog!  Shane is so sweet and her posts are very real and many times they are positive images for all us ladies to aspire to.  I know she read my 7 Deadly Sins post because it was a linkup and she commented 🙂  That was happy.

Sure I love other blogs, these are just a few of the blogs that I almost religiously read.  Also, I would be incredibly excited and honored if they read my blog.  I gain a lot of inspiration from many of the blogs I read and find everyday.  I seriously read 20+ blog posts a day from several different blogs.  I’ve been trying to comment on more blogs, everybody loves comments, and lately I’ve been doing well.  When people find and read my(your) blog, it just makes you feel good that someone is liking what they are seeing and if they are return readers, I’m even happier.  I hope that I am inspiring people to try new things or encouraging them to be awesome.  Just like my favorite bloggers have done for me!