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In Progress: Buttons

Tonight was spent going through all my buttons for Christmas colors.  I am getting ready for the craft show on Nov. 16th and I will be making lots of Christmas-themed jewelry to sell!  Something I love to make are button pendants.  They are crafty and unique!  Hopefully you will be excited to see the finished products!!

Here’s what I have going so far:

This is just a small mess of what I usually get up to when I begin making jewelry!  I’ve got my essentials: laptop to watch some Netflix, lip gloss, nail file, fabric paint (ha! from another project I will post on later).  Sometimes when I am working I stop to think, then realize my nails need trimmed and filed.  With my work (all the jobs), I need to keep short smooth nails at all times.  It can be quite the chore!  And then I am addicted to lip gloss/chapstick.  I am not ashamed.  Its just a fact.

Taking a Break from Jewelry Making For Glitter Shoes!

Even though I am working really hard to make lots of jewelry for a craft show on October 14th, sometimes I just need to take a break!  So for 2 days this week, and again tonight, I have taken a break from my hardcore jewelry making to paint!

As soon as I finish the bridesmaid’s necklaces, which will take all of 10mins max, I am going to paint a purse that is seriously faded in places.  Yesterday I painted a pair of flats into a sparkly glitter mess!  The day before that, I painted wooden pendants and now they look just delightful!  I’ll post some photos for you with my glitter flats, the Before, During, & After pics!  Of course there is plenty of inspiration out there, including these: from The Girl Kyle, from Trinkets in Bloom, from I Am Momma.

I thrifted these flats early this summer, maybe sometime around May, and I mainly bought them because its hard to find flats under $10!  Even harder to find used shoes in my size, that I would actually wear, at thrift stores.  So I scooped these up right away planning to glitter them up over the summer.  I used Studio G glitter packs from Michaels ($1 bin) and Matte Mod Podge.  Mix up the glitter and Mod Podge, you don’t need as much as you might think!  Its easy to mix up more.  I have a TON of glittery Mod Podge left and I’m trying to find more projects to use it with! (ugly pink purse transformation maybe?)

I taped up the edges of the shoes so I wouldn’t get a lot of paint or glitter on the rubber soles.  If you do, its easy to scratch it off.  Next if you want to paint a solid color for underneath your glitter, do that now.  I waited about 3 hours after painting before painting with the glitter.  I used Tulip Soft Fabric Paint because I had it on hand from a previous project.  Then mix your glitter and Mod Podge in a container or bowl, mine has a lid so I can easily save the leftovers.  Paint it on!  I waited about 30mins between coats.  I have 3 full coats on there, then I spot checked the final coat and added more glitter where I think I needed it.  Then done!  Mod Podge alone is a waterbased sealer so it should be fine in the weather 🙂

Original Flats and all taped up


Used Fabric Paint to paint them black first


Painted completely black, just looks light because of the flash


I used white for extra sparkle, and teal and lime green glitter in Mod Podge


After one coat of glitter and still wet


Done! All glittered up!

What do you think??  Have you tried this DIY yet?  Link up your pics here so I can see too!

I Apologize- Still Busy!

So I know I haven’t been posting much lately- or at all for like a week!  I am sorry, I don’t want to go dormant here while I get things done!  Time management has never been my strong suit!
However I have been really busy creating things, so its not like I’ve been totally idle!  Lets catch up, shall we?

I’ve been applying for seasonal positions, wouldn’t it be awesome if I worked at Micheals or JoAnns?  Hobby Lobby would be great as well, but I have already interviewed there and with my math skills not up to par, did not get a job.  I’ve come to terms with it.  So many stores are nearby that there is a really good chance I could get hired by some retail giant!

October will be a busy month for me, my cousin is getting married October 20th and her bachelorette party is October 6th.  I have an idea of a fun crafty idea for us to do at the party, so I’ve been trying to get that set up.  Also working on the bridesmaid jewelry and having a hell of a time getting these floating necklaces to look evenly spaced!  I haven’t given up yet, but I’m running out of time to make them!  Plus I have the programs to make for the wedding, not too hard of a project, just a lot of information needs to be triple checked!

I’m also getting ready for a craft/fine art show and spaghetti dinner that the Knights of Columbus at my church is putting on October 14th.  So I’ve been pumping out bracelets and necklaces and earrings when I am not trying to do everything else!  I’ve taken a picture of my new bracelets for you all to see!  Also, don’t forget some of my bracelets are for sale in my Craftstar shop here.