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3rd Quarter over in one week!

My 3rd quarter of my PTA school is almost over!  Just one more week!!  I have the last day of Pathology tonight, and I’ve had my final project finished since midterms.  I was trying to work ahead for once.

Tomorrow is my last practical of Kinesiology 1.  It is over the lower leg and the neck and trunk, manual muscle testing.  Its not too hard, except the lower leg includes MMT of the toes.  Thats important for gait training (walking) and the other muscles that work during walking.  The neck and trunk MMT are actually kind of fun, luckily we do not have to perform the harder tests, like asking people to laterally bend.  When I did it, I barely moved off the mat.  Its hard.  Laying on your side, someone holds your legs down and you try to move vertically up.  Try it, its hard to do.  Sure I can laterally bend when I am standing, but thats gravity assisted.  Laying on your side is against gravity!

Then next Monday is my final exam in Growth, which I really enjoyed the class.  Learning about all the stages the body goes through, throughout the life span.  So much information!  But really fun to learn, especially since a lot of it, like movements, I am seeing my niece and nephew go through.  Its so fun to say, now my nephew, J, is is creeping, which essentially is what most people think of as crawling, the baby is quadruped without the abdomen touching the floor.  He completely skipped crawling, which is his abdomen touches the floor.  He creeps like a champ!

Tuesday is the final exam for Kinesiology.  I will literally be studying all weekend for it.  I have plenty of time, tomorrow is only the practical at 6pm for me, then I have all evening to study.  And I only work mornings on Friday and Saturday, so I have all day long to study hard.

And starting Wednesday, break time!  We get 2 weeks off from school this time.  I cannot wait for the long break!  I still have Christmas presents to make!  Everything is bought, I just need to make everything now.  And I plan on starting that right away once classes are over!  I scored some great deals on presents and the supplies.  After Christmas, I will share some  gifts with you that I am making.

Have you made any gifts this year?  Leave a link in the comments if you can share!

Grand Opening and Special Deals all weekend!


I have my Grand Opening for my Craftstar shop this weekend!

Receive free shipping using code BLKFREESHIP13 all weekend through midnight on Cyber Monday on all items in my shop excluding custom bracelets.

Speaking of custom bracelets, SPECIAL DEAL!  Buy a custom bracelet through this link: Custom 3 Strand Bracelets by ChristinaDesignsArt Jewelry.  Check out the color choices below, how could you not make something awesome?  If you need ideas, feel free to message me too!

Bead Choices2

Bead Choices1

Click on all photos to be taken to the listing.

Head to my shop today!  Custom Bracelets are 3 strand seed beaded bracelets, regular price $15, on sale this weekend for $10!!  You choose the colors!  You can also buy through my Facebook page: Christina Designs Art  I have added a Store Tab!


Next, check out the Craftstar Blog that features the deals throughout the weekend!  Craftstar Blog

There will be another blog post on the Craftstar blog about the Saturday deals so be sure to check back!

My Craftstar shop features: 2 and 3 strand beaded bracelets for $10-15.  Memory wire bracelets from $5-15.  Beaded bobby pins in a BOAT LOAD of colors and designs.  Plenty of Christmas beaded bobby pins that come with a free Christmas pin!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAClick on the photos to be taken to one purple and one blue bracelet.


Click on each photo to be taken to its listing.

All items in my shop (except custom bracelets) are eligible for the free shipping code.

Also, if you see something you love that is already sold or you want another color of bobby pins, please MESSAGE ME.  If you message me this weekend, and purchase before the end of the day on Dec 31, your items will still qualify for the free shipping code!  SCORE!

Hope everyone has had a happy and safe Thanksgiving weekend!

Giveaways I am Entering Today

I thought I would share some of the giveaways I enter.  I usually enter about 10 a week, give or take, depending on the season.  Some blogs do them monthly and I try to enter those as much as I can.  Here’s a few good ones from today!

$150 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway from Girl in the Garage

Pinterest party scheduled for December 3 – sign up for reminders
Same page, enter the Pick Your Prize giveaway for a Nikon DSLR, a mixer, an ipad, an ipad mini, a laptop – 3 winners
Pick Your Prize Giveaway from Remodelaholic

Sincerely Sweet Boutique $100 Gift Card Giveaway at Giveaway Monkey

Coffee Bean Direct Giveaway by Mom-Powered Blog ends TODAY IN 12 HOURS

Amazon $50 Gift Card & 20 Romance eBooks Giveaway from PollyJAdams.com

$100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway at Giveaway Bandit

Black Friday $25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Hop at The Practically Green Mom  – followed up by 25 other giveaway links!!!  $$$!!!
^Black Friday Grand Prize Giveaway ENTER HERE – $100 Target Gift Card

$50 Amazon Gift Card Book Blast Giveaway at singlemommies.net

Gobble Til You Wobble Giveaway Hop at PracticallyFrugal.com

These are just a smidgeon of the ones I have found today!  To stay posted on all the giveaways I enter, be sure to follow me on Twitter! https://twitter.com/CrazyAmazinLife

Are you noticing a pattern here??  I love Amazon gift card giveaways, thats really what I want for Christmas!

What would I do with the gift cards if I won??  Pay for school books of course!!  Only a few more quarters left to go when I will need to buy new books, then at some point I will probably need to buy new clothes for clinicals.  Then I can start entering PayPal giveaways!

And don’t forget to stop by the Giveaways from other WP blogs listed below!

Life Got Busy….Again

I haven’t really felt motivated to write a post in awhile, obviously you can see the last time I actually posted something I wrote.

Finals week was crazy during school, last quarter I had practicals I needed to pass, and the last one had me really nervous!  I did great on all my practicals though and I think my final exams went well 🙂  I won’t know my grades until the first day of next quarter….thats tomorrow btw!  My break week was this past week and I spent the entire time (well mostly) planning and progressing through an extra large painting!  Still working on it, I have a total of 3 weeks to finish it and be happy with the final result.

I changed a few colors and painted over a few things that weren’t quite right.  I’ve been watching plenty of YouTube videos to perfect my painting and learn a few new techniques.  I’ve had to relearn some color theory which has really improved the composition.  I’m pretty happy with what I have so far, and overall in sense of space its more than half done.  But in sense of time and detail- not so much.

Luckily this first week should be fairly light on homework, so I should progress a decent amount this week and hopefully will only have to do a few touch-ups and apply varnish the 3rd week.  I don’t believe I should share the painting with you all yet, because I am making it for a restaurant (HELL YEAH!), and since its basically a commission, I should really wait until it is finished and in place.  So be excited for that, I will share finished photos and some of my progress photos if you are interested.

I’ve also been keeping busy with some babysitting the babies, my niece and nephew have both started rolling over, its so cute!  They are going to be 5 months old on October 4th!!!  Yay!  They are both growing big and have started drooling like crazy!  haha And just this past week have started on rice cereal!  Always an adventure with those kids 🙂

I went to a local festival and found these cute little handmade necklace terrariums!  Have to share, I did not pick one up, but I thought they were adorable!  Check out her Etsy Shop: CraveJewelryDesign and another shop: Sparkover that is repurposed circuit board jewelry.  Maybe the terrariums are a new line, they aren’t listed in her Etsy shop.  Either way, I love that they are upcycling items into jewelry, and thinking differently.  That right there, is a win!

Oh, and one last thing, have any of you ever heard of Garage Sale groups on Facebook?  They are my new favorite things!  I might be addicted, but I’ve already sold a bunch of things on there.  Better luck than Craigslist sometimes!  Anyway, just search “your city Garage Sale” on Facebook and I bet you’ll find some groups!  Also try, yard sales, sales, Christmas sale, craft sales, etc.  I have joined quite a few in the area and even sold some of my handmade items there!  I am hoping to sell more before Christmas too 🙂

Christmas Decorations in my House

I wanted to share the decorations we put up at our house (I live with my Mom), just for fun!  We love to decorate for Christmas!  My Grandma loved Christmas and she was also very crafty, so she made lots of the decorations we put out in our house.  And then last year I made a bunch of painted wood pieces to hang up, so those are out too.  Plus a selection of my own penguins are placed around the house to spruce things up!

Shelf in the Bathroom

Shelf in the Bathroom

Our Fireplace Mantle

Our Fireplace Mantle

Glass Cabinet

Glass Cabinet in Living Room

Cards on the Piano

Cards on the Piano

Mini Christmas Tree

Mini Christmas Tree in Dining Room

China Cabinet Nativity

China Cabinet Nativity

Holly Leaves on Kitchen Pantry

Christmas Greenery above Kitchen Pantry

Poinsettas above Kitchen Cabinets

Poinsettias above Kitchen Cabinets

Christmas Bulb Wreath

Christmas Bulb Wreath

Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath (my Mom and sister did this)

Snowmen on the Stairs

Snowmen on the Stairs


Kindergarten photos of me and my sibs

Kindergarten photos of me and my sibs


Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree (I made the tree skirt last year!)

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!!  Tonight we will have a snacking dinner and then open presents, and play games until its late and we are so tired!!  What do you like to do with your family??

DIY Snowglobe FAIL

This year for Christmas gifts I was really excited to try DIY Snowglobes.  I’ve seen them all over Pinterest and so many blogs have posted their’s as well.  I also personally love snow globes.  I shake them over and over and I’m just mesmerized by the snow falling.

Needless to say, I thought this would be such a sweet gift.  So I collected my supplies:

DIY Snowglobe

I used E6000 to glue the moose and tree to the lid of my jar.  I bought white fluffy glitter flakes because I thought they would float nicely in the water.  I used a clear glass jar the size of a jam jar.  Its important to note, before gluing the pieces down, to know when screwing on the lid where any writing might be if its going to block the “front” of the jar.  Also, missing from this photo is the liquid Glycerin which is found in the cake decorating section of craft stores.  For this project it is used to help the glitter or snow float slower to the bottom.

I glued the moose and tree to the lid and made sure I could close the jar without ruining the tree:
Moose Snowglobe

I found my moose in the Christmas aisle at a hardware/grocery store.  My boyfriend’s parents really like moose so I thought, perfecto!  The trees I found at a craft store, I don’t remember where.  I got about 6 trees in a bag, this is the medium size, just a few inches tall.

I added the water as high as I could without overflowing, then I added too much glitter.  I covered the top of the water and that was way too much.  Maybe if they weren’t glitter flakes it would have been fine.  I ended up scooping out a lot of glitter.  So try a little at a time and give it some light test shakes before adding more glitter.  I also used about a teaspoon of glycerin.  I have no idea how much you are supposed to use, everywhere I saw it just said “dash of glycerin”, who knows what that means.  I saw some other blog said they filled the whole thing with glycerin, the bottles are not that big, so you better be using mini mini jars or stopper bottles for that!

DIY Snowglobe

Here it is when it still looked good.  You see the moose looks pretty.  The blue/green pine tree had slowly started to tint the water a light blue.  No biggie, other blogs had reported that.  The glitter flakes were all floaty and on the bottom and then also clinging to the tree.  Very nice.

Wait 2 days.  And you get this.  Thank goodness I didn’t glue the lid on the jar or this would be a complete waste.
Blue Moose

Check out the giveaway: Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

I’ve donated a matching set of 1 bracelet, 1 pair of earrings, and 1 pair of beaded bobby pins!  YOU CHOOSE THE COLORS!  Here is an example of what I am offering!  2 different style options for earrings.  Large or small seed beads for your beaded bobby pins.  A mix of colors and bead sizes for your memory wire wrap bracelets.


And here is where you can ENTER THE GIVEAWAY at FromADaughter blog!


In Progress: Buttons

Tonight was spent going through all my buttons for Christmas colors.  I am getting ready for the craft show on Nov. 16th and I will be making lots of Christmas-themed jewelry to sell!  Something I love to make are button pendants.  They are crafty and unique!  Hopefully you will be excited to see the finished products!!

Here’s what I have going so far:

This is just a small mess of what I usually get up to when I begin making jewelry!  I’ve got my essentials: laptop to watch some Netflix, lip gloss, nail file, fabric paint (ha! from another project I will post on later).  Sometimes when I am working I stop to think, then realize my nails need trimmed and filed.  With my work (all the jobs), I need to keep short smooth nails at all times.  It can be quite the chore!  And then I am addicted to lip gloss/chapstick.  I am not ashamed.  Its just a fact.


I’m a SUPER penguin lover!  So be prepared to see many adorable penguins on here!  This one is a big favorite.  I want him so badly!  He looks SO soft and cuddly!   You can buy him here at Pier1 and then go home and cuddle him 🙂

Love Penguins too?  Follow my Pinterest Penguin board! http://pinterest.com/christinapertz/penguins/