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Daily Prompt: All Its Cracked Up to Be

Daily Prompt: Tell us about a time when everything actually turned out exactly as you’d hoped.

I really couldn’t tell you the last time something went exactly as planned.  And I certainly don’t think thats a bad thing.

Usually it is a learning experience and more often than that, a fun one!

Like the large scale painting I made and have yet to completely unveil and share with you.  Totally forgot to share the photos!  Whoops.

It most definitely didn’t go exactly as planned, the drawings took longer to finalize, I had to YouTube a bunch of new techniques, I had to buy supplies just about every day (because I use coupons), and the glazing process took almost a week- and that doesn’t include drying time!  And while that totally took longer than the initial 3 weeks I had hoped for, I still think it turned out amazing and I absolutely am proud of all the work I did!  I promise to share it with you soon so you all can see its awesomeness as well!

I suppose I could share a snippet….actually here is one of the progress photos, I’ll save the more detailed photos for my reveal!

Memphis Coastline

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Original Acrylic Paintings for Sale (set of 4)

Gesso Experiments by ChristinaDesignsArt.wordpress.com

My first experiment with gesso and acrylic paints – see the texture?

Back in February 2013, I was really just in one of those moods, the creative kind, you know?  Its been hard lately to find the time to really get creative for a full 8 hours, sometimes I only have time to “let loose” for a few hours during the day when I can sneak in a little refashioning or jewelry-making.  So back then I was under some stress getting ready for my sister to have her babies, and the baby shower was shockingly close, I just needed to get creative!  So I did.

I did some experimenting with gesso and different textures and swirling colors.  I picked 3 colors that I thought were soothing and relaxing and just mixed and blobbed them around.  I made the larger 8″x10″ paintings first.  Then as I was laying them out, I decided they really needed to be balanced with other sizes.  So I grabbed the colors again and started mixing the paints, trying something new!  This was a great exercise in letting go and trying something less structured than what I usually paint.

Christina Designs Art Beaded Mixed Media Original Artwork Set $40

Christina Designs Art, Original Mixed Media Artwork, Set $40

I am very pleased with the results and the silver beads add just enough bling to the paintings.  They have also been sealed in a gloss which I really love the look of!

PS. Sorry about the photo quality, photographing my paintings is something I still haven’t become too competent at!  But I am trying 🙂  Also, colors may vary because of computer monitor differences, but I have tried to accurately display my colors choices and describe them to you.

These paintings are for sale for $40 as an entire set, plus shipping costs.  If you are interested in purchasing or requesting custom artwork, please email me here: christina[dot]pertz[at]gmail[dot]com

Refashion Friday: Watercolor Painting on Fabric (videos)

Whew!  Its been awhile.  No matter, here’s another Refashion Friday for you all!

Refashion Friday: Watercolor Painting on Fabric

1.  Love this video and I already have these fabric markers because I found them 75% off (damaged) at JoAnns!  Yes!

thegirlcreative - watercolor fabric painting

Watercolor Fabric Painting with The Girl Creative

2.  I love this from The Girl Creative because you could use a large bedsheet, curtains, anything cotton, maybe make a tablecloth!  How pretty would that be??

3.  If you can get past the discussion in this Martha video, and maybe get a little more creative…this could be fun.  Cute for a baby’s onesie- ahh!  Thats a good one!


…Harder to find then you might think.  Either way, I’m obsessed with this new technique and was happy to learn about the freezer paper behind the fabric, ironed on, tip.  Thats a great idea to help keep the fabric from stretching!  Totally going to try this in about 3 weeks, when I am on break from school!

Confession: I Want A New View with Pinterest


Lately I have been spending so much time deleting random Pinterest boards that I somehow have found myself to be following.  I assume many of these random boards are related to a “Follow All to enter this giveaway.”  I can’t stand those, why do I have to follow them all?  I’m still considered a follower if I just pick the ones I might actually enjoy.

You’ve all heard my thoughts on Twitter follows in a previous Confession post, but if you didn’t see it/can’t remember, read about it here.  I’m beginning to think similarily with my Pinterest.  I have never been one to “follow back” just because someone started following me.  I love Pinterest and want to look at quality content, so sorry if I don’t want to see images from your “Glamping” album because I have no interest there.

When I first started Pinterest I wasn’t gluten free, so I followed tons of recipe boards.  Now I find I have no use for “breads”, “pasta”, etc boards.  So a quick unfollow and I feel so much better!  While I am on said person’s board, I see I’m also following a myriad of boards I have no interest in, let alone ever even popup in my feed.  I am following too many boards, I never see everything!  So I am condensing.

I feel kinda guilty about it, but I unfollowed an Etsy board.  As someone who is hoping to sell their items and would love the joy of seeing a bracelet (find some here at my Etsy store!) pinned and repinned on Pinterest, I feel bad to unfollow a board that shares any awesome Etsy items.  However, thats all I see sometimes!  I wish those Etsy Handmade boards were more specific, but thats also so hard to regulate when you have like 50+ (or worse, like 500+) people posting to a board about whatever they want.  How does someone moderate a thing like that?  I suppose I could have my own boards, and share specific items like that, but I also hate having a million boards that people and/or myself aren’t even interested in.

After stopping following a few of the Etsy Handmade boards, I see so much more content!  But one thing I can’t decide, which DIY / Crafts boards should I keep following?  I must be following like 20 of those boards, but I only ever see a few of the same boards posting content, and some of it isn’t even all that “new”, even though most of it claims to be “genius!”  But thats another Confession altogether!  The big multi-contributor boards are the places that are constantly getting posted to, but I really don’t know how relevant some of these ideas are to DIY.  For instance, “Cleaning with Vinegar” is not what I would consider DIY or Crafts, and yet its in that board.  And while recipes are a type of craft, they belong under Recipes.  Know what I’m sayin?

Enlisting your help!  What do you think of these boards?  Keep?  Or unfollow??

DIY & Crafts – 5,000+ contributors!  96,000+ pins.  yowza   (basically takes over my feed)

Do It Yourself Today – 700+ contributors, 14,000+ pins

Budget Friendly DIY – 14 contributors, 176 pins.  must be fairly new

Getting Crafty – 30+ contributors, 3,900+ pins

Create – Just decided to unfollow but am so shocked by one of these pins.  I am sharing because I cannot be the only one who thinks someone’s political agenda was swept up into her mostly DIY board.

Getting Crafty & DIY – 30+ contributors, 3,900+ pins

Share Your Crafts – almost 800 contributors, 2,900+ pins

Mod Podge Rocks! – 125+ contributors, 2,500+ pins

Etsy Handmade Favorites- Group Gallery of Art & Jewelry  – I am also a contributor + 1,800 other people that rarely stick on topic, I’ve also only shared 1 time, and it was on accident. 28,500+ pins    (after looking at this, seriously considering making my own board and only inviting people who will stick to the topic)


After searching through my feed at 2 very different times (morning and night), the majority of pins comes from the 1st link: DIY & Crafts and the Etsy Handmade Faves boards.  They might have to go…at least for a time!

PS. I’ve added a few new items to my Facebook page’s photo albums, some of which are NOT on Etsy yet still for sale!

Artomatic 419: Featuring some very unique local art finds!

3 weeks ago I went to a local art show, Artomatic 419, 3 weekends of local artists showing their work, in this massive warehouse!  It was so cool.  Its been held near me for the past few years, but I’ve never been able to go before.  I penned it in this year and went with my boyfriend and a friend.  I had an awesome time.  I saw so much art, so many different mediums, and some artists were evening working right there for people to see!  One artist was “engraving” in clay (I don’t even know if thats accurate terminology), she was using some sort of carving tool to carve designs and words on the clay, then its baked and painted.  There were 2 people painting a large scale painting up on a wall.  There was string art (pictured below), pottery, jewelry, photography, ceramics, etc!  I loved it!  It was very informal, a band playing in one room, a woman singing in another, active/live art installations going on in other rooms.

I photographed a few of the most unique artists I saw, and some of their work.  I really loved these works, hopefully you will visit their websites or fan pages!


Beautiful earrings and fiber bracelets by Sandy of www.EllyBead.com you can contact her by email: ellybead@live.com or check out her website!  She has a lovely Jewelry Gallery for you to see her creations, you can shop online at her Etsy page, or learn more about the artist on the About page!

“From classic elegance to suburban chic . . .  . Elly Bead presents ever-evolving jewelry designs in multiple styles and color choices.  Designs feature high quality semiprecious stones, freshwater pearls, hand-forged metalwork, handmade lampwork glass beads, sterling silver, and/or base metals.”Bracelets_EllyBeads Earrings_EllyBeads


The Roving Artist creates these A-MAZE-ING needle felted works!  I was just captivated by her work!  Check out the dragon!  And that wall hanging is so beautiful!  Visit her Facebook page and check out the photos, lots of really amazing creations there!  Contact her via email: therovingartist@bex.net and find her on Pinterest.

“I am an artist. I am a quilter. I LOVE to work with wool. I use my creative mind and energy in every aspect of my life because it is a blessing I was given and must return.”



artomatic 419 mixed media artist 2013 toledo oh

I apologize I do not seem to have this artist’s information. If you know it or recognize it, please leave a comment or send me an email!

I loved the use of colors and dots in this work.  I will admit- lots of art goes right over my head!  Not at all sure what some of this means, but I enjoyed it anyway.  lol I totally see the business cards on the wall to the right there….awesome, totally didn’t pick one up!  Or maybe I lost it.



Yarn-bombing!  Who’s excited?  I totally haven’t seen this in real life yet, but I was so pumped to see such an awesome display at the show!  Give the artist some love, contact by email to Streetspun@gmail.com or visit the website at Streetspun.wordpress.com or Facebook and also check out on Instagram @Streetspun!



I do not know this artist either, there wasn’t any ID or signs nearby.

haha Just reading this makes me laugh!  Its so funny.  To the right there are strings hooked up to a machine.  I wish I could describe it better but I only took this one photo.



Beautiful leather cuffs

The artist is Earth Grrrl, Ila Earthdaughter, artist, crafter, sassy britches.  I really liked her leather cuffs.  So pretty 🙂  AND they are made from leather belts!  Upcycle win!  And the light switch plates, copper!  I love copper, I have made some things myself with copper.  You can even shop locally from her at various Toledo, OH shops, or at her website for home decor (switch plates in here!) and necklacesA portion of all her sales goes to 28 Too Many, “a values based FGM charity funded by supporters and donations, created to help eradicate Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in the twenty-eight countries within Africa where it is still practiced. Founded in 2010, it takes a stand against FGM (also known as Female Genital Cutting).”



I loved this artist’s display! I want the printer’s tray so bad…and pretty much every other part of this display.


Not sure if I have the correct card for this artist.  I really thought I picked it up.



heehee  This was out a window at the show!


There are other artist’s I enjoyed but did not have pictures of or these might belong to some of the mystery booths:

erynmarie.etsy.com  or Facebook

www.starvingartistgreg.com  or Facebook

Harry Daugherty, Original Watercolors harry.daugherty@yahoo.com  or Facebook

Michael Gallup Photography/Cyanotype Imagery  http://gsartstudio.zenfolio.com  or Facebook

Barbara Goodman, CeramiGrafix Custom Stippled Ceramic Tile  email: Barbara@ceramigrafix.com  or  Facebook


I hope you stop by and visit these artists and show a little love!

I’ve been featured in an Etsy Treasury!

Sunset on a Strip Etsy Treasury by Anne from MetalWorksJewelry

Sunset on the Strip Etsy Treasury

Sunset on the Strip Etsy Treasury

My original acrylic painting was featured: Exploration of Color – Orange $25.  It is actually part of a pair for anyone who would like to buy them both!

Exploration of Orange 2, Acrylics on Canvas, 2011

Exploration of Orange 2, Acrylics on Canvas, 2011 $25

Grab a November Calendar Desktop Wallpaper

I have recently been searching the web for fun calendar wallpapers for my computer.  Not that I really ever see it beyond turning my computer on and off, but its nice to have something fun or pretty back there! Plus a calendar can be really helpful, especially if I am booking my schedule and the only other calendar is on my phone (hard to look when you are chatting!)

Yesterday I found Smashing Magazine, which has a creative mission every month for Desktop Wallpapers.  Then artists submit their work to the site, and all the wallpapers are then posted on the website for free download by anyone!  How cool is that?? Also really cool, you can opt not to include the calendar, so then you can search all the archived missions and use them anytime of year!  Check the ^ above link.

Here are some of my favorites from this month:

Peacock Wallpaper

Perfect Desktop – this would be so handy, I am unorganized!


Rainy Day Penguin – this is on my desktop because I love penguins!

Days Go By


Do you think these wallpapers might inspire you?  If you’re an artist who would like to participate, check out the information here.  Read the information carefully as there are a few guidelines.  Have fun!  If you do submit something, be sure to come back and comment here, or you could email me and I will feature your calendar wallpaper submission next month!

Polyvore! Are you on it?

So I joined Polyvore the other week.  I used a photo from there for my Post A Day post last week.  I liked a user’s stuff, so now I follow!  Don’t have a clue what else to do on Polyvore.

So here is my profile.  Are you on it?  Let’s follow each other!  Leave your link in the comments so I can check it out!

Here’s some really cool “sets” that I found by user: lady-brown-eyes  Here are some that are particularly awesome!  This art is amazing!

The World Is Your Home

The World Is Your Home by lady-brown-eyes featuring Oscar de la Renta jewelry

The Gothic "Autumn Eye" Brooch

The Gothic “Autumn Eye” Brooch by lady-brown-eyes featuring a crystal brooch

It's Time to Find Out

It’s Time to Find Out by lady-brown-eyes on Polyvore

October Chill

October Chill by lady-brown-eyes on Polyvore

I had no idea Polyvore was for this type of art.  I thought it was just photos of clothes.  Some other day I will be spending several hours on here, just like I did when I first found Pinterest!!!

Drawings posted to my Facebook page!

I have updated my Facebook page with my original pen and pencil drawings!  See the new album here!  The above ^ drawing has been included in the album!  I just really like it, so showing it here too 🙂

You can also see my original artwork on this site thru this page!

Painted Window

Pinterest Updates!

I love Pinterest.  Recently I have been checking out my Pinterest page and rearranging the boards.  I had a few I completed deleted, who needs a board with less than 10 items?  I consolidated a few and now I am moving around pins to new boards.

I have a HUGE board with about 1800 pins, and its my DIY Projects board.  Instead of pooling everything together, I decided to split it up into boards that make sense, such as DIY Home, DIY Baby, DIY/ART Supplies, DIY – Sewing Accessories, Bags, Etc, DIY – Sewing Clothes, etc.  Still working through everything, but I know sometimes people only want a little information instead of a million ideas.  So this way, you don’t have to follow all my DIY Projects board just to get some ideas!  Hope you enjoy the changes I made!  Check out some of my latest pins below:

DIY Legwarmers

DIY Legwarmers

Lamp Redo

Lamp Redo

DIY Galaxy Tee

DIY Galaxy Tee

Painted Window

Painted Window