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Have You Ever..?

Have you ever read something like a gazillion times and then replied to it thinking you know what you’re saying.  Then you show someone else, and they’re like “dude, that’s not what that meant.”  Then you feel like an idiot?

Yeah. My bad.  So I got this comment on a past post about stealing content, and I read her comment like 10 times trying to decide which way her comment was pointing.  I thought it was an argument but maybe it was just a comment I was misreading because I feel so strongly in one direction about it.

Well I think that was the case.  And I totally owe this person an apology.  I don’t even know if I should leave all the comments on the post because the exchange did happen, or if I should delete my response or edit it and leave her’s because it is relevant?  Whats the protocol for when a blogger misreads a person’s comment and responds kinda roughly?

(If you know btw, do tell me, because I am clueless.)  EDIT: I deleted my offending comment and left her’s because it is relevant and she made some good points.

I feel like I committed a social faux paux.  I still don’t even know if I follow the comment the way everyone else must be reading it.  I think the comment when she said it might be “impossible” to prevent the stealing of content, that made me think she was on the other side.

Enough.  I’m sorry for my misinterpretation and for assuming things instead of asking questions.

PS.  If you think my blog looks funny, its because I’m trying out a new theme and changing up my header still.  Sorry for the weirdness.