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30 Day Blog Challenge

I am beginning the 30 Day Blog Challenge, that I found on another blog and have had pinned for months now.  Its time I give it a go!  I plan to write each post, but instead of posting daily, I’m going to post once a week.  I haven’t picked a day yet.

Its too much for me to do this daily because school is starting April 1st and I will need to dedicate lots of time to studying.

So here is the list of challenges:


I think I might be able to write all of these posts, and hopefully make them interesting!  I also think this helps tick off the “Post consistently” in my 35 Before 35 List.

Has anyone else ever done a Blog Challenge like this?  If you have post your link below in the comments so I can see!

Today I Turned 30



Today, 1/23/2013, is my birthday!  I turned 30 today 🙂

  • I worked at JoAnns, 8:45am-2:00pm (I hate being up early)
  • Talked with customers about hand felting – YouTube
  • Sold a ton of fleece remnants to customers who make blankets for hospitals and the homeless
  • Visited the boyfriend, his parents, and their dog, Daisy
  • Watched some Food Network with the boyfriend
  • Left and headed to the Post Office to mail my paintings I sold a few days ago (yay! happy homes!)
  • Carryout dinner with the family from Biaggi’s Italian which has an awesome Gluten Free menu!
  • I had the margherita pizza, decent thin crust with good toppings flavor, typical small pizza size
  • For dessert, chocolate cheesecake and original cheesecake!
  • I made the gifts for my sister (we’re twins) and my Mom (whose birthday was the 15th) – upcoming tutorial after I take more photos!
  • I end the day with blogs to read, Pinterest to cruise, and some Friends on tv!

PAD: Kick It

Daily Prompt: What’s the 11th item on your bucket list?

I don’t have a bucket list.  However on my 35 Before 35 List #11 is: Figure out how to use my Wacom tablet and make art with it.  That’s a good one.  Maybe I can try something this year.  It is my Year of Something New after all.

Then in my Year of Something New, my 11th month of November is: Family Time.  I will spend that month with my family and friends and reconnecting with friends who maybe I haven’t spent much time with or talked to often!

Make Something 365 or a Year of Something New

I just checked out this book from the library, A Daily Creativity Journal 365: Make Something Everyday and Change Your Life!  The idea of starting a 365 project sounds really exciting and overwhelming to me.  The good news is I can do anything I want, I can pick a theme or just try to express myself in any way.  While reading the prompt suggestions last night I came up with a similar idea that’s not so “hard to reach” perhaps.  What if instead I pick something “new” for every month?  I can focus on one art medium or one idea/action that I really want to explore!

So I will schedule each month to participate in my Year of Something New:

January: Organization– I will work in the house, my room, my art supplies, and organize as much as I possibly can, and maybe even get rid of the excess stuff!  (no promises, but maybe look for craft supply sales soon 🙂
February: Books– let’s try to actually read some of the free novels I’ve been collecting on my Kindle, but nothing how-to or crafty.
March: Babies– My twin sister is pregnant with twins, this month will be focusing on making things for babies and preparing for them to be here!
April: Sewing– There is so much I want to learn to do, I bought a book with simple patterns and instructions, let’s get started!
May: Food: I want to try a bunch of new Gluten-Free recipes, I got a new cookbook for Christmas so this is the month for cooking!
June: Outdoors: This is all about spending time outside, making things or just enjoying the environment in a new way.
July: Polymer Clay– I bought these different colors but haven’t done a thing with them, its time to play!
August: Watercolor Paints – I am anxious to learn to use my pencils and paints and make those beautiful color blends!
September: Acrylic Paints – Time to take my acrylic paintings to a new level!
October: Christmas Gifts – thats right, gotta start early to make handmade gifts, possibly from something I have learned new this year.
November: Family Time – time to slow down and refocus my energy on family and friends, maybe reconnect with long lost pals.
December: Pick Your Fave – time for me to revisit my favorite Something New’s of the year.

What can you look forward to?  Photos and posts about my progress.  I may not take all my “before” photos of my disorganization, its pretty bad.  I may even be able to walk away with a few DIY’s and How-To’s for you guys.  This is coming up to another busy year, I want to get started painting right away, but I know I have other very important things to focus on during the first few months.

Organization is big on the list and will help me fix the clutter when I have the opportunity to get started on my new artsy ambitions.  No worries tho, I will not stop making art or jewelry during these months!  I will continue to create and post items in my Etsy shop.  Also while I explore new mediums, get excited to see those items in my Etsy shop as well!

Is anyone else participating in a 365 Something project for the new year?  If you are, link your blog/project in the comments so everyone can check it out!

Updated To Do List

Now that my cousin’s wedding is over and I’ve completed my last craft show of the year, I feel like I can finally get started on some other projects that have been piling up for quite some time!  A few of these are on my 35 Before 35 list too.  Here is my updated list for the next month or 2:

  • handmade Christmas gifts – haven’t really picked any yet
  • post more product on Etsy
  • take jewelry sets to local stores to sell
  • make the tie-blankets for the boyfriend’s nephews – the gifts are from us both, but I’m making them (3 of them!)
  • maybe make the boyfriend’s nieces wristlets – any tips or tutorials that are quite easy?
  • take photos of all my DIY’s or Stuff I’ve Made to blog about
  • learn about Art Journaling and take it up, maybe buy some books to help (using my reward points from Crowdtap and other survey sites, email for a signup link!)
  • experiment with polymer clay
  • figure out fabric painting, the correct way to do it, then post a tutorial
  • make baby gifts —-because my sister is pregnant with TWINS!!!!!   (have I mentioned, my sister and I are twins??)
  • sell some stuff on Craigslist and ebay – if you are in need of a brand-new still-in-box stroller and car seat, please email me asap!
  • efficiently clean my art/craft room so it is organized and useable!
  • use my Rit dye on the khaki jacket
  • dip dye some article of clothing
  • make a sweater into a skirt
  • embellish some clothes with beads

I’m more than positive I am missing things on this list!

Anyone have any tips or suggestions for me?  Have you attempted some of these DIY’s with great results?  Share in the comments!

Busy Past Few Weeks!


The last few weeks have been CrAzY busy!  I apologize for not keeping up-to-date with any of my projects or showing off my latest jewelry!  But never fear, I am in the process of several different projects:

  • Moving craft rooms- used to be downstairs, now in a bedroom upstairs, SO MUCH to organize
  • I painted a shelf, then had difficulty assembling it.  Will post that photo of a cool decoupage idea, now unfortunately unseen
  • General crafts organization – piles of stuff everywhere that needs a home
  • Jewelry – hemp bracelets + matching earrings, jewelry sets – all need to be made asap to sell to stores
  • Creating the bridesmaid jewelry for my cousin’s wedding: earrings, bracelets, necklaces
  • My cousin’s wedding gift is also in the works- but incase she reads this, I can’t show/tell you!  I will however share her bridal shower gift + favors
  • I’m rearranging all my Pinterest boards, when I started this project last week I had 1500+ pins in my DIY Projects board, now at about 1k!
  • Refashioning clothes (as seen on my 30 Before 30 List), I made a tshirt into a tube top, will post photos and my inspiration this week

I’m sure there are more projects, thats just the list I really really want to finish!

Then on September 2nd, my brother was deployed to Afghanistan.  From August 29th thru September 2nd I was in Fayetteville, NC (which is where Ft. Bragg Army Base is), spending time with the family before he left.  I have a few photos from that to share.  I still need to share my PIB vacation photos- and that was in July!  I hope to get all that done this week!  As well as, as much jewelry making as possible!


Cast of Angel

#3 Finish watching Angel on Netflix – done

Per my 30 Before 30 list, I have been working on 3. Finish watching the last few seasons of Angel – done (08/2012) and I’ve just finished it! It has been an “interesting” 5th season to say the least.  Then 4th season was pretty crazy too and I didn’t like the addition of certain characters (I won’t spoil it if you haven’t seen it yet want to).  But the 5th season ended quite abruptly, for starters killed off my favorite character.  Then suddenly when it was just getting good again, the show was over!  So I give it 3 stars, for the full series.

Cast of Angel

Cast of Angel

Now I don’t know what to watch next!  I think I want to put off #12. Watch all seasons until up to date of Vampire Diaries.  I feel like that’s perfect for the winter months, I won’t get up to date enough to be able to see it on TV anyway.  I actually caught a few episodes early this summer and really liked it.  I love vampire movies and was excited when I heard the show was coming out until I saw it was on the CW and caught a few partial ‘eh’ episodes and didn’t care for it after that.  I’m not a big fan of CW shows, they are similar to whats been playing on ABC Family, tween drama shows that feature kids wearing designer clothes, any technology they want, their own cars, and extensive (for the age level of the audience and characters) amounts of sex- on the FAMILY channel!  Its just ridiculous and I don’t waste my time watching that stuff!  Actually I don’t watch a lot of TV at all, I’d much rather read blogs or do some crafting 🙂

Vampire Diaries Cast

Vampire Diaries Cast

If anyone else knows what I’m talking about, awesome.  I guess the first few episodes were mostly teen issues from what I remember, but the ones I saw early summer were all about vampire drama.  That’s what I want!  Plus, Stefan and Damon ARE HOT!  So in a few months I’ll watch that.

In the meantime, should I start Eureka over?  I have no idea what happened the first few seasons.  Should I finish Chuck?  I’m 2 seasons behind, I’d have to start over to really enjoy it again.  Or maybe I should try True Blood again?  I know everybody loves it, and I really loved the 1st season, but then I didn’t have access to the 2nd season and its been over 2 years now.

Or instead, should I concentrate on dwindling down some of the 200 items in my Netflix queue?  Perhaps I should concentrate on the movies I have in there.  I went thru phases of queuing documentaries like Deadly Dozen, Food Matters, National Geographic: Human Body, The Secret, Helvetica, etc.  Now I think maybe I will go thru my documentaries and eliminate a lot more!  I could go through all the animal ones fairly quickly, even though I must have like 30 to go thru, and some are TV series!  haha I love animal shows!