3rd Quarter over in one week!

My 3rd quarter of my PTA school is almost over!  Just one more week!!  I have the last day of Pathology tonight, and I’ve had my final project finished since midterms.  I was trying to work ahead for once.

Tomorrow is my last practical of Kinesiology 1.  It is over the lower leg and the neck and trunk, manual muscle testing.  Its not too hard, except the lower leg includes MMT of the toes.  Thats important for gait training (walking) and the other muscles that work during walking.  The neck and trunk MMT are actually kind of fun, luckily we do not have to perform the harder tests, like asking people to laterally bend.  When I did it, I barely moved off the mat.  Its hard.  Laying on your side, someone holds your legs down and you try to move vertically up.  Try it, its hard to do.  Sure I can laterally bend when I am standing, but thats gravity assisted.  Laying on your side is against gravity!

Then next Monday is my final exam in Growth, which I really enjoyed the class.  Learning about all the stages the body goes through, throughout the life span.  So much information!  But really fun to learn, especially since a lot of it, like movements, I am seeing my niece and nephew go through.  Its so fun to say, now my nephew, J, is is creeping, which essentially is what most people think of as crawling, the baby is quadruped without the abdomen touching the floor.  He completely skipped crawling, which is his abdomen touches the floor.  He creeps like a champ!

Tuesday is the final exam for Kinesiology.  I will literally be studying all weekend for it.  I have plenty of time, tomorrow is only the practical at 6pm for me, then I have all evening to study.  And I only work mornings on Friday and Saturday, so I have all day long to study hard.

And starting Wednesday, break time!  We get 2 weeks off from school this time.  I cannot wait for the long break!  I still have Christmas presents to make!  Everything is bought, I just need to make everything now.  And I plan on starting that right away once classes are over!  I scored some great deals on presents and the supplies.  After Christmas, I will share some  gifts with you that I am making.

Have you made any gifts this year?  Leave a link in the comments if you can share!

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