Original Acrylic Paintings for Sale (set of 4)

Gesso Experiments by ChristinaDesignsArt.wordpress.com

My first experiment with gesso and acrylic paints – see the texture?

Back in February 2013, I was really just in one of those moods, the creative kind, you know?  Its been hard lately to find the time to really get creative for a full 8 hours, sometimes I only have time to “let loose” for a few hours during the day when I can sneak in a little refashioning or jewelry-making.  So back then I was under some stress getting ready for my sister to have her babies, and the baby shower was shockingly close, I just needed to get creative!  So I did.

I did some experimenting with gesso and different textures and swirling colors.  I picked 3 colors that I thought were soothing and relaxing and just mixed and blobbed them around.  I made the larger 8″x10″ paintings first.  Then as I was laying them out, I decided they really needed to be balanced with other sizes.  So I grabbed the colors again and started mixing the paints, trying something new!  This was a great exercise in letting go and trying something less structured than what I usually paint.

Christina Designs Art Beaded Mixed Media Original Artwork Set $40

Christina Designs Art, Original Mixed Media Artwork, Set $40

I am very pleased with the results and the silver beads add just enough bling to the paintings.  They have also been sealed in a gloss which I really love the look of!

PS. Sorry about the photo quality, photographing my paintings is something I still haven’t become too competent at!  But I am trying 🙂  Also, colors may vary because of computer monitor differences, but I have tried to accurately display my colors choices and describe them to you.

These paintings are for sale for $40 as an entire set, plus shipping costs.  If you are interested in purchasing or requesting custom artwork, please email me here: christina[dot]pertz[at]gmail[dot]com

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