My Pinterest Account was Hacked

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I was playing around on Pinterest from my Kindle Fire Sunday evening.  I went to sleep, woke up Monday, and sometime in the late morning went to Pin something…..and a new board had been made.  One that I most definitely had not made.

I immediately opened up my profile page on Pinterest, found my boards and clicked Edit on the imposter board.  It said I had made it.  Knowing this was false, I quickly deleted the board and the only pin that was inside it, and changed my password.

Nothing happened until yesterday, I received an email from Pinterest saying that I was having trouble logging in and giving me the option to change my password.  I was having no such trouble.  Luckily this hacker did not have my email password, so I’m not too worried about that.  Although I think I will change it anyway.

My next step was to contact Pinterest and report this activity.  Unfortunately it seems this either hasn’t happened to anyone yet, or they haven’t had enough complaints.  I could find the topic anywhere or the option to state what my problem was in the contact form.  I still haven’t heard a response from Pinterest, probably because it was sent to the wrong department or something!

I’m writing this to alert you, I’m sure it won’t happen the same way twice, but just incase.  The fake board was called “MUSTTRY5” and included only one pin that had a photo of a Before/After Weight Loss and a semi-long description about “how I lost weight”.  Which if you’ve seen any of my fitness pins, they never include stuff like that!  So WARNING!  If you saw that, or see it anywhere, be very careful what you pin!!  Also, be careful what you click on, I have NO IDEA how this person got my Pinterest password/account info because I don’t use Pinterest to log into anything online.  And I only log into Pinterest from 2 places, soooo?!

Now, I know I wrote that I cleaned my Pinterest boards a few months ago, well now I am cleaning out boards I “follow” and only keeping a minimum of those.  Some aren’t even active anymore.  There are a bunch that I obviously started following 2 years ago because a several were food related!  (I don’t follow anything besides gluten-free boards anymore)  Anyway…so maybe one of those boards or even a newer board was part of the problem.  Its just a good idea to do some spring cleaning online every now and then.  Change up what pins I see.  That kinda thing.

When I finish the great Pinterest cleanup, I thought it would be fun to highlight some of my favorite pinners or pin boards.  Just a thought, that gives me a semi-deadline and goal besides just deleting stuff I don’t care about anymore.

I hope this doesn’t happen to you, it was no fun!

2 thoughts on “My Pinterest Account was Hacked

  1. BeWithUs

    So sorry to learn about this…Though I don’t have any Pinterest account, I am glad to see you sharing this nasty experience out and related links.

    Have a great day ahead, always~ Cheers!! 😀


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