it was chillingly cold and the room was silent.

This writer was in 4th grade when it happened. This is the first time I have heard a younger person’s account of where they were.

at my fingertips

Sept. 11. – a day to remember. A day that brought our nation closer together. Today I’m reflecting on what exactly I was doing on that day. It’s amazing what you can remember from a day so many years ago in Keller, TX.

I was in 4th grade – Miss Hull’s class. It was a normal morning – which I don’t remember much of. Getting up for school became a routine, eating breakfast was a mere blur, and riding to Park Glen Elementary with my fellow neighbors was basically a ritual. I remember distinctly walking back from Art class. It was chillingly cold in the hallways. I suppose my art teacher hadn’t turned on the Television, because I was clueless to what was happening.

Arriving back at the classroom, my teacher said to be quiet. We all instantly listened upon placing our fingers in front of our mouths. We walked…

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