Five Ways David Letterman’s First Broadcast After 9/11 Helped New Yorkers Start Healing

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One of the biggest challenges New Yorkers faced after 9/11 was returning to normalcy without disrespecting the lives lost on that day. Six days after the attacks, “The Late Show with David Letterman” gave us the strength to face this challenge for these five reasons.

1) The Candid Honesty – Letterman began his monologue asking for “patience and indulgence” because he needed to “hear himself talk for a couple of minutes”. And talk he did… with honest emotion, in a voice that shook, but that also conveyed strength. Addressing our pain, he commented, “You can feel it, you can see it… it’s terribly sad… terribly, terribly sad.” He vocalized the anger and fear we were all sharing and he did it with great care and integrity, two qualities he maintained throughout the broadcast. This is exactly what New Yorkers needed in a time of confusion: raw honesty in a time…

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