Stealing is Stealing and its NOT OK!

I’ve only been blogging for less than a year, and certainly not consistently.  That being said, its been brought to my attention these past few months about the INSANE amounts of intellectual property that is being stolen on a regular basis by various websites, many of which are claiming to “find” tutorials or do “roundups” of which are un-sourced.  Now we all know when you say “found” you really mean “stole” and manipulated it to be whatever you wanted.

How many people are aware of some of the many sites that are doing this?  I’ll admit I was in the dark about how important watermarking and logo placement was until this whole thing just became glaringly obvious.  That said, I am reluctant to share some of my projects or tutorials with the world here, if they might just end up in the hands of thieves.  In fact I’m trying to think up a way to keep certain sites from being able to access my page at all.  I think thats possible.   Chinese website that steals your tutorials and its almost impossible to find a way to contact them to take it down.   “Inspiring Images” that don’t link back to their sources.   Images are there and ready for you to pin to Pinterest, again with no links to the original source.   This website is blatantly stealing, the images are watermarked and yet there is no link back to the source.  THIS is why its important not to put all the steps into one image!!   Oh hey, where did this come from?  Because I know its not yours!!

And last but not least, there are plenty more stealing tutorials out there, Handimania, I don’t even WANT to link to their site!  But I want you ALL to know, stealing someone else’s tutorial, images, content, words, photos, and ideas is STEALING!  And it is wrong!  And we shouldn’t stand for it!!

PS.  Are you a handmade artist?  Do you think you’re safe?  Because you’re not!

Watermarking with your logo, your website, etc is incredibly important!  Learn how to do it!  There are a bazillion tutorials online to help you!  Here are some of my favorites: Add automatic group watermarks by Craftionary, Add a Copyright Watermark by PhotshopEssentials, Video on Youtube by Jen Swedhin, Create in Photoshop by PhotographyBlog, How to Watermark without Photoshop by ArtsyFartsyMama.  Figures, I can’t find the one I used, regardless, these all give great instructions and videos really help, plus if you don’t have Photoshop, no excuse!  Don’t make it easier for someone to steal from you.  Also, there is no shame in pasting your watermark right over your image subject!

And to go along with how insanely cranky and frustrated this whole talk makes me, I posted a comment to the Handimania Facebook page today for their “Ask us Anything! Monday” of which there are absolutely no answers, but like 20 questions.  Someone said “where do you find the instructions for things you find on pinterest? I always see awesome pics of the finished products, but I can never find the instructions.”  So naturally, I thought I would help out and give an answer: “The instruction are with the actual tutorial on the site they stole the content from.”  As of 10:20pm EST that answer has been on the site for 9 hours.  Soon after this, another brave soul made a similar comment.

I really think if we all spread the word, maybe more people, and maybe the people who don’t understand copyright infringement, will start to understand that its not ok to encourage this type of behavior.  That stealing is stealing regardless of where or how its done.  Just because you can’t hold it in your hand, doesn’t mean it wasn’t taken from somewhere without permission or without giving credit where it is due!

To make it easy for those of you who would like to share this message, I have made 2 screenshots of the above mentioned Q&A and already pinned them to some of my Pinterest boards.  I would LOVE if you would repin them:  (currently located in my Digital Scrapbooking board and includes both mentioned comments)   &   (which only includes my answer and is located in my DIY Projects board).  I WILL be spreading these pins along my other boards, on my Twitter account, and to any other blogger I can.  You don’t have to be a blogger or DIY-er or Handmade-maker to support this and say no to stealing.  Every share could make a difference!


I don’t believe in STEALING content from other DIY-ers and bloggers. Do you? If you agree that stealing is stealing and we should give credit to ALL the amazing people who take the time to show us how to make amazing things, SHARE THIS PIN! Tell sites like #Handimania that its NOT OK to take what doesn’t belong to them!!! #stealing #intellectual_property #stolen #content #diy #blogging #handmade #crafts #facebook


The website #Handimania STEALS other bloggers tutorials and steals photos without giving proper credit to the creator. Help me tell them, STEALING IS STEALING, we are NOT ok with you taking whats not yours! REPIN THIS and lets make sure they know we won’t accept this!!! #stealing_content #intellectual #property #stolen #thief #handmade #diy #crafts #blogging #bloggers

14 thoughts on “Stealing is Stealing and its NOT OK!

  1. treubluemeandyou

    Well said. Thank you so much for making an entire post about this. I have been telling bloggers FOREVER not to group photos together into a one image download for their tutorials. Sites will still collage the photos together but you can make it a little harder for them. I have seen ridiculous collages with up to 3 different watermarks on tutorials – sadly none of them from the original source. I always single out HANDIMANIA because they have 487,000 followers and a Pinterest Boards with lots of followers (and Pinterest won’t do anything about the stolen content even when reported). HANDIMANIA is also starting up their own .com site and I shudder to think what’s going to happen to my friends’ tutorials then.

    1. treubluemeandyou

      I’ve reported Handimania too to Pinterest and nothing has been done. It takes gall to plaster “discovered by Handimania” all over other people’s photos. Pinterest only seems to ban legitimate pins and pinners – at least in my experience.

    2. christinapertz1 Post author

      Thanks for commenting. Its a good idea to make a page or an entire post maybe dedicated to tutorial/image stealers. Maybe that is considered black listed, I don’t care, its something that should be done. Stealing is stealing and we shouldn’t have to just take it.

  2. Agatha (aka Agy)

    Well written, and thanks for the tips on the watermark. Previously, I had one of my works entered, by someone claiming to be the owner, into a competition on the other side of the globe. The only reason I found out was because some kind soul had complained and credited it to my work, and thus some traffic went to my site. It was so frustrating as the person refused to take it down even though he/she was inundated with comments to do so. It’s not going to help if the site is not in English either!

    1. christinapertz1 Post author

      Thank you. Non-English sites are so hard to navigate, especially when they are lacking a Customer Contact link! Which I have ran into in the past when I found stolen images, while they weren’t mine, I knew the blogger they belonged to, so I had to say something!

      Its so great when someone stands up and credits the correct owner, and then lets you know! Sucks that happened to you. Hopefully we can continue to raise awareness for this quite serious issue!

  3. Julie

    This makes me sad =/ I wonder if any of the sites that steal content advertise through Google AdSense, cause if they are they are breaking Google’s rules and can be reported. Google seems to be a lot more strict than Pintrest is. Have you tried reporting those sites to Google?

    Before my blog went “live” i had all my pictures watermarked. Then a friend of mine said “Do you REALLY think anyone would steal your content and your pictures? How good do you think you are really??” Shamed, i removed all the watermarks since i didn’t want to come off big-headed. Now I am thinking that might have been a mistake… Grr.

    Thanks for the info though, i didn’t realize the theft problem was so big!

    PS. If anyone needs to contact an evil site that steals in Russian or Ukranian, I definitely translate and contact them on your behalf. I speak fluent Russian and my friend speaks Ukranian, so we can explain the “stealing” concept to the plagiarizing websites, if there are any you know of 🙂

    1. christinapertz1 Post author

      I’m sorry that a “friend” of yours thought your own work wasn’t important enough to protect. I highly suggest you watermark EVERYTHING that you own. And its not just for evil people that steal, people like myself, I share things I love. If you are watermarked, there is no doubt that the image is professional (more or less) and belongs to a real person. Then someone can find you much easier than a blank image, plus its so much easier to site the owner because usually people use the copyrighted or professional name they prefer on their images. Your so-called friend should be ashamed.

      Thank you for your offer to contact a Russian or Ukranian site. There is a Russian site, but I honestly don’t know what it is! A few months ago a blog I follow posted that her images were stolen, a tutorial image that featured her own children, was on a Russian pinterest-like site. Theres a good reason to block out your kids eyes, faces, or blur them somehow. Unless you are a portrait photographer of course.

      1. Julie

        After this post and your comments, I will be adding watermarks to all future images. To go back and re-do all the pictures i already have up will take months, so i will just watermark going forward. Thank you for bringing my attention to this issue! 🙂

        If you ever come across, or know someone who needs to contact a Russian website, ill be happy to help 🙂

        PS. I am not sure if i would EVER put my kids faces up online. I don’t even put much of my own face on my blog (only in the ‘about me’ section), or my boyfriends. However, i see a lot of people ‘advertising’ their kids to the world and i have to say it makes me wonder if parents are making the best decision there, will all the pervs out there, you just never know =/

  4. Lia Griffith

    They just stole one of my top posts and of course they have all these people oooohing and ahhing over it on their facebook. The site has no contact information at all so I did leave a message on facebook but I highly doubt the care. They are a link farm and prosper from our hard work. They did not put their logo on my photos but did change them up to fit their look.

    1. christinapertz1 Post author

      Somebody googled handimania a few days ago and they clicked on this post. I hope it happens more often! I’m seriously considering doing something else more public about this stealing pnemonina.

  5. Laurel

    Please read my post (if you like) that I’m working on about this subject. (how to find the source of an image on google) I agree with you in principle, however, it’s impossible to stop it. If I use someone else’s photo of a room, I move heaven and earth to find the source and give them credit. I do not post other’s tutorials, but sometimes give a link to their tutorial instead. They did the work. The should get the credit, and the backlink! However, you can also protect yourself to some extent, by searching the internet for your own images to see WHERE they are going and who’s using them and if you see them not credited to you, then of course, you can put the screws to them, provided that they speak English. I for one, WANT people to post my images— just as long as they remember that they are MY images and give me the credit that is deserved by giving me a nice backlink back to MY website. That is the plus to having people put up our images, if they are linking correctly. That is not stealing. That is FREE marketing and advertising and you will be rewarded by google with higher site rankings! However, yes… those that take our images or tutorials to use as their own are SLIME. And deserve a good slap from google! And a kick in the BEHIND from Karma! My best, Laurel

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