30 Day Blog Challenge

I am beginning the 30 Day Blog Challenge, that I found on another blog and have had pinned for months now.  Its time I give it a go!  I plan to write each post, but instead of posting daily, I’m going to post once a week.  I haven’t picked a day yet.

Its too much for me to do this daily because school is starting April 1st and I will need to dedicate lots of time to studying.

So here is the list of challenges:


I think I might be able to write all of these posts, and hopefully make them interesting!  I also think this helps tick off the “Post consistently” in my 35 Before 35 List.

Has anyone else ever done a Blog Challenge like this?  If you have post your link below in the comments so I can see!

8 thoughts on “30 Day Blog Challenge

    1. christinapertz1 Post author

      There’s many ways to do “self portraits” without actually including your face (if thats what you want to hide), you could always have a photo taken from the back of you doing something or just your hands working, etc. Just a thought! Thank you for stopping by!

    1. christinapertz1 Post author

      haha the whole reason for the list is because I’m having writer’s block coming up with new prompts between projects! I don’t mind me photos, as long as they look good!

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