Baby Shower Diaper Cakes & Sock Corsages!

My sister’s baby showers are officially over!  I can now share with you many of the projects I have been working on these past few weeks!  One of the projects were the Diaper Cakes my Mom and I worked on for both of her showers.  My Mom looked all over for the perfect accessories to add to the cakes.

If you have never heard of a diaper cake, there are lots of examples online to check out on Pinterest.  The basic gist is to take diapers, we chose size 1, and roll them up and stack them in layers, just like a cake!  We wrapped each diaper with a small hair rubberband, the kind you can find at Sally’s Beauty Supply, the color doesn’t matter because you will cover each layer with a ribbon around it.  Then you stack them, and the hardest part is done!  A great tip is to take a wrapping paper roll and stick it in the middle to line up the layers and make it more stable.

Girl Diaper Cake

The girl’s diaper cake

For the girl we found a pink rubber ducky, pink teether, headbands, pink sandals, baby wipes, sock roses, and travel size bath products.  We added a purple bunny to the top and it worked perfectly!  We used Basket Accent’s Cello Wrap Bag size 30″ x 22″ and it fit perfectly, I got it from JoAnn Fabrics, but I used the clear bag which is not online.

baby shower diaper cakes

boy and girl diaper cakes

Here’s the boy and girl diaper cakes. Next to it is a photo of my sister and I as babies!

Then I made a sock corsage for my sister to wear during the shower.  It was a little big, so I ended up making it a wrist corsage with 2 elastic bands.  I used 6″ of tulle and set it up accordion style as a backdrop, I used a piece of pink felt and taped or sewed everything to it, just worked my way layer by layer.  I didn’t use floral tape, but this tutorial shows photos with floral tape, this one gives great instructions for how to roll the socks.  I rolled and then taped up each sock, then added a leaf to each sock to make it look more like a flower, then taped each sock together, finally taping the whole thing around the pink felt.  Unfortunately I sewed the elastic bands last, so it was a bit more awkward to do, but still worked great!

sock corsage

Sock corsage, 4 roses.

sock corsage

white ribbon bow to try and hide all the tape

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