Refashion Fridays: Lace Appliques

Is anyone else obsessed with appliques?  They can completely alter a piece of clothing or other piece of fabric with just a few stitches or the heat of an iron!


A reverse applique Lace Inset that I can’t wait to try! by DIY & Craft Tutorials

lace shirt 1

Lace appliques to any shirt take it to a new classy level! by The How-To Gal


Lacey/Doily Sweatshirt Appliques by A Beautiful Mess


A clutch with some added lace by Ricochet & Away


Crochet Applique by Dixie DIY

Didn’t really mean to make this all about lace appliques, but they are pretty, aren’t they?

See these and more refashions on my Pinterest boards.

Enjoy your weekend!!!

3 thoughts on “Refashion Fridays: Lace Appliques

  1. this is lemonade

    Love! I’ve had that third photo pinned for ages too – I also have just the sweatshirt that NEEDS altering. It’s really comfy, but has an iron on that I do not like. I’m thinking of mixing old t-shirts and new lace/crocheted lace. Not sure yet. Are you planning on doing something with lace?

    1. christinapertz1 Post author

      I found a few other lace tutorials for sleeves on shirts that I like. I found some lace in the red tag bin at JoAnns, grey stretchy knit lace, and I’m excited to try things out with it! Hopefully next week I’ll be able to do some refashions.


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