Birthday Gifts : DIY Infinity Scarves

For my Mom and sister’s birthday I made them scarves.  I wanted to do infinity scarves for them both, however I picked a silky fabric for my Mom and was unable to sew it by hand into a circle.  Instead hers became a silk scarf, but it still looks wonderful!  I was influenced by the lovely Infinity Scarf tutorials by The Crafty Novice, Fabric Mart, and Cotton & Curls.

I apologize for getting this DIY out so late, birthdays were mid-January!  This is the tutorial I hinted about here.  We have been very busy and I just took the finished photos of my sister’s scarf last week.  I always get so excited when I am finished and forget to take the final photo of the finished product!


1. Gather your materials: pins, straight edge (I use a large non-ruled T-square), cutting mat, rotary cutter or scissors, coordinating thread
2.  Cut your scarf out, I bought 1/2 yard of this Simply Silky Print fabric, actually a little more because it was End of Bolt, I have leftovers, more than enough for a second scarf
3. Sew your scarf wrong sides together on the long edge, this way you can flip it out and the seams will be inside
4.  Now its tricky, I tried to sew it by hand as you see in the top right photo, but this fabric is too slippery for that
5.  I decided, after I was very unsuccessful, that instead I would fold the edges under (twice), and just sew it straight across with the machine instead
6.  and done!  This is not an infinity scarf, it is a long rectangle silk scarf.


This fabric is so beautiful with colors of light pink, dark pink, black, maroon, a dark brown, and dark purple all together!  I am unsure what I will do with the leftover fabric, but I will decide at some point, or I will ask for advice!

On to the next one, a real Infinity Scarf!


1.  This was made the exact same way, I eyeballed the width I wanted for the scarf.  I also bought 1 yard of this stretchy knit, though 1/2 yard would have been just fine!  (I have at least 1/2 left now) – Cannot find a link to this fabric, sorry!
2.  This fabric has ruffles and I chose to go the long way with them, it also hid any mistakes I may have made during the cutting/sewing part.
3.  I hand sewed the 2 short ends together, and because this is knit, I pulled a little too much and that’s why it is gather in that spot.
4.  This scarf lays very nicely and is so warm!


I love the knit and the colors of magenta, light purple, and light grey on white look so good together!  I cannot decide what I will make with it next!!

I have another knit fabric, about 2 yards that I got from the Red Tag bin at JoAnn Fabrics, that I hope to make a Circle Shirt with.  You may have caught the Pinterest links I posted about Circle shirts here.

Disclaimer:  I am an employee of JoAnn Fabrics however I am not being compensated for this post or the mentioning of their fabrics.

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23 thoughts on “Birthday Gifts : DIY Infinity Scarves

  1. Heather Walter

    I have crocheted a few infinity scarves, but they are nothing like yours. I love the fabric you picked. They would be great for spring scarves when it’s still a little chilly outside, but not too cold for a heavier scarf

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  3. litadoolan

    Beautiful scarves. Had never thought about making them myself. But reading through the instructions it looks straightforward and so much more cheaper than buying a boxed up scarf.

    1. christinapertz1 Post author

      Much much cheaper! Yesterday I bought 1/2 yard of a knit that I found as a red tag, plus they were on sale for 50% off. So I paid $2 for it and I’m planning on making myself an infinity scarf with it. I’ve come up with a new method of joining the ends, that I think is quicker, I still need to photograph and share it.

      1. litadoolan

        that’s insanely brilliant!! I’m going to check out fabric stalls at local markets. I can’t think why I didn’t figure this out before thank you so much for a great idea. Will be a top idea for gifts too 😉

      2. christinapertz1 Post author

        Great idea! When I buy 1/2 yard, I just fold it in half long ways, sew it into a tube- right sides together, then flip it, and sew the ends together, or leave as is for a long scarf. I prefer knit because its stretchy (perfect for infinity scarves), and usually comes in a width of 50-60 inches. No cutting to do because its already nice and long. Using a zig-zag stitch helps to keep it stretchy, but I’ve used a straight stitch and its been fine as well. They make great gifts, who doesn’t love a scarf thats handmade and personalized?

      3. litadoolan

        That’s genius!! I get how I will do it so easy from your brilliant instructions! Thrilled with this 😉 thank you so much!! I was eye-ing up some lovely scarves that were way out of my budget so this is a winner!

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