Polyvore! Are you on it?

So I joined Polyvore the other week.  I used a photo from there for my Post A Day post last week.  I liked a user’s stuff, so now I follow!  Don’t have a clue what else to do on Polyvore.

So here is my profile.  Are you on it?  Let’s follow each other!  Leave your link in the comments so I can check it out!

Here’s some really cool “sets” that I found by user: lady-brown-eyes  Here are some that are particularly awesome!  This art is amazing!

The World Is Your Home

The World Is Your Home by lady-brown-eyes featuring Oscar de la Renta jewelry

The Gothic "Autumn Eye" Brooch

The Gothic “Autumn Eye” Brooch by lady-brown-eyes featuring a crystal brooch

It's Time to Find Out

It’s Time to Find Out by lady-brown-eyes on Polyvore

October Chill

October Chill by lady-brown-eyes on Polyvore

I had no idea Polyvore was for this type of art.  I thought it was just photos of clothes.  Some other day I will be spending several hours on here, just like I did when I first found Pinterest!!!

2 thoughts on “Polyvore! Are you on it?

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