PAD: What’s the one thing you hope other people never say about you?

Today’s Post a Day Prompt: What’s the one thing you hope other people never say about you?

What a great question!  I have a lot of answers, some I have heard before, but I hope people in the future will not say them anymore.

That I’m bossy or rude.  I’ve been called bossy before, its never a nice thing to say about someone.  I can’t say if better if its said to my face, or behind my back and repeated to me.  I only hope if its said to a friend they will stick up for me, as I would do for them.

That I’ve failed in my career choices.  I’m been unemployed for quite some time now, I have a B.A. in graphic design,  then went back to school and I am a Licensed Massage Therapist too.  I love both of the careers I went to school for, yet I’m having trouble finding anyone who can pay me for my skill set.  Its prompted me to try other routes so I can succeed.  Before this year it was really tough, a lot of rejections.  Early this year, this summer, and now fall have started to treat me fairly well 🙂

I have other answers, but these are the worst.  What about you?  What do you hope noone says about you?  Feel free to comment Anonymously if you’d like!

Don't listen to what people say, because they don't know the truth

Don’t listen to what people say, because they don’t know the truth by chowaddict123 on Polyvore

8 thoughts on “PAD: What’s the one thing you hope other people never say about you?

  1. suchwildlove

    I’ve been thinking about this question all day, and have come to understand that the things we don’t want others to notice are the things we feel most sensitive about. A blog post of my own is in the making right now …

    1. christinapertz1 Post author

      Thanks for the comment! You’re right tho, I am sensitive about my career and its the first thing people ask about when they meet you. I always fumble with an answer, or completely avoid the topic altogether! It’d be so much easier if people asked, “So what do you love doing with your time?” Because that I can answer!!

      Can’t wait to see your answer!

  2. Vanessa Dawne

    Wonderfully open answers, Christina. It’s not so much one thing I hope is not said but that it’s not lies. Sure, my younger siblings can remember me as bossy but I’ve definitely moved on from that stage. I hope my ‘success’ is not based on financial compensation as the computer specialist I left behind but on the life happiness I receive as the stained glass artist I’ve become.

    Thanks so much for posting & Good Luck.

  3. Fwaire

    Probably that i’m stupid. I’ve had a few people being surprised that I’ve come out with clever things, but I think I’d cry if I actually met someone who thought I was stupid. I know I have blond moments but I pride on myself being quite clever.

    Also i’m the same as you, i’m not really managing to do anything to do with my degree and don’t really feel like i’ve got a job people can respect. I am looking for a new job that will hopefully give me more time to follow acting and sewing so I can hopefully overcome it soon. 🙂

    1. christinapertz1 Post author

      Whats your degree in? I’m at least partially doing what I went to school for, kinda, not getting paid of course! But the graphic design is partially why I am crafty, so at least a little of that can be attributed to my jewelry design. Just a little tho!

      1. Fwaire

        Performing Arts. I’m just finding that I have no time to persue any acting at the moment and that I’m really enjoying sewing which is taking up a lot of the spare time I do have. Oh well. Hopefully I won’t be working so many long hours soon 🙂

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