I Saw A Leaf Bug Today, and other Garden Pics

So I went out today to fill up on crafty supplies, returned home to see a Leaf Bug sitting on a bush right by where I park my car!  This is a rare occurrence, I’ve only ever seen one at the zoo before!  So I grabbed my camera to catch some pics for you guys!

Can you find it??

It didn’t move the whole time!

And then I thought, maybe I could share some photos of the other areas of the garden/planting area at my house!

A lil mossy patch

All that’s missing for this mossy patch are some cute fairy houses!!

A day lily has sprung up even though we’ve had a few nights of frost already!


This is where the pumpkin patch was!

Our very own pumpkins from our pumpkin patch!


A mum so big a small child could get lost in it!

Here is our October front door decor.

Do you have your pumpkins yet?  Are you looking for a DIY pumpkin patch that costs you almost nothing?  Well, except some dead grass for awhile…or if you have a LARGE area of dirt for planting that works too (we don’t).  Interested in finding out how we grew pumpkins without even realizing it?  Leave a comment and I’ll post a quick How-To!

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