Join me on We Heart It!

New(ish?) website very similar to Pinterest called We Heart It!  I just joined tonight and I think there are definitely some differences between Pinterest and what people pin there, to We Heart It! and what people heart here.

Let’s compare:

Pinterest:  Pin items
We Heart It: Heart Items

Pinterest: pin items to boards
We Heart It: heart items into sets

Pinterest: How To’s and DIYs are posted probably the most  (I should mention thats mainly what I follow)
We Heart It: I’m seeing a lot of people’s faces, not models but “people”

Pinterest: a bookmarking of your interests
We Heart It: feels like advertising

Pinterest: most popular celebrity: all the hot ones
We Heart It: most popular celebrity: Taylor Swift and One Direction

Pinterest: fun and active user interface
We Heart It: stale user interface, and lots of pink

Overall, I’m curious to see how this website turns out and what direction it moves in.  I love Pinterest and have easily spent hours of my life on there.  This isn’t taking the place of Pinterest, but I am going to try it out for awhile.  I’m also going to use it differently then I use Pinterest.  I spend most of my time Pinning DIY and tutorial projects, as well as handmade inspirations.  On We Heart It! I plan to heart beautiful things, I just started “by Color sets” and will be doing that for now while I figure it out.  Please feel free to join me or check out my Hearts!   Let me know what you think, and if you join be sure to follow me and I will follow you back!


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