Fern Gully, The Faculty, etc

Slowly dwindling down my Instant Queue on Netflix!  Today I watched a few documentaries.  I watched the Deadly Dozen- Asia episode; about 15mins of a docu on Siberian Tigers- must’ve been like 20 years old; about 30mins about an Antarctica docu that I just got bored with even though there were penguins- it was clearly from the late 70s/early 80s; I deleted a few about dinosaurs that the covers looked very CGI.

Then this evening I first watched The Faculty, I used to love that movie.  Josh Harnett, what a hottie!  Elijah Wood, he’s like such a little kid in that movie!  Great movie anyway, parts were kinda gross with the whole alien part, but nonetheless, happy to tick it off the list today!

After that I tried to watch Grease 2, unbelievably horrible.  For one thing, half the characters are repeats.  Frenchie is back as herself, but now she teaches Chemistry?!  She dyed her hair pink!  How does this make sense?!  Then the principal is still there and so is Blanche, nothing weird about that.  Then its like instead of Sandy trying to be “cool” now this new boy has to switch to be a TBird?  I never got that impression about Sandy in Grease, that she had to be a Pink Lady to date Danny.  She was just a little prudish, which supposedly was not how she was all summer or whatever.  And the gross old guy from the other gang is STILL THERE.  Like he cruises up to high schools still and makes fun of high school gangs or something.  He was old and gross in the first movie, he’s still old and gross now, except he’s supposed to be a few years older!  And then there’s Michael, Sandy’s cousin even though he is English.  Wasn’t Sandy Australian??

Whatever.  2 songs in and I just couldn’t take it anymore!  I gave it 1 star on Netflix and erased it from my queue.

Next up, FernGully: The Last Rainforest!  I’ve never actually seen the full thing so this was exciting.  Its a movie about fairies living in the rainforest when humans come in and start cutting down the trees with the aid of an evil fairy.  Avatar anyone?  Happy Feet?  This was the original storyline and those other 2 just kinda stole some thunder.  Big penguin fan here, but not too keen on Happy Feet.  The unrealistic characteristics of the penguins really bugged me, and it just got worse throughout the whole movie!  But I digress, maybe some day I will come back to that and tell you what I think, but not today!  Anyway, so many similarities because FernGully and Avatar, this is like the super little little kid version!  Except of course for the evil fairy, who reminded me a lot of the evil guy in the Princess & the Frog.  That guy was freaky.

I really enjoy Disney movies, I have a huge list in my queue that hopefully I will continue to watch, and maybe end most my nights on a happy note with Disney movies or other cartoons!

So, what do you guys think of those movies?  Like – not like?  Agree – disagree?


2 thoughts on “Fern Gully, The Faculty, etc

  1. megandowntherabbithole

    Oh man…when I saw your comment on Happy Feet I totally had to comment. I rented it for my daughter…Worst Movie Ever! When the penguin got locked in the zoo I was so excited because I thought it was over, then it just kept going! And I love penguins! Want a cute penguin animated movie? Surf’s Up. 🙂

    1. christinapertz1 Post author

      One day I will write up a full review of that movie and we can have a true discussion about it! I was so disappointed. Another beautiful penguin movie is March of the Penguins, though not so much for a fun kid movie! I haven’t seen Surf’s Up yet, but I do have a few plastic surfing penguins that my friends gave me from Happy Meals! lol


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