Take the #ItCanWait Pledge

AT&T doesn’t want your next text to be your last. Take our #ItCanWait Pledge, promise that you’ll never text and drive again and share the pledge with your social networks.  I took the pledge, will you?

Head on over here to learn more about how AT&T is taking steps to ensure teen drivers (and everyone else) is aware of how unsafe it is to text and drive!  The stats are staggering, and yet kids are STILL texting and driving.  “Texting drivers are 23x more likely to be in an accident.”  When you are looking at your phone you are not looking at the road!  You might think you are safe and know what you are doing, but you don’t know what other drivers are thinking and when someone might stop suddenly and you aren’t looking.  PLEASE think about what your life is worth, what other people in the car and the other driver’s lives are worth before you make a decision to put all that “up in the air”.

While you’re there, if you could rate the website for me that would be truly appreciated.  Please view and rate it so Crowdtap will increase my points and likelihood that I will be chosen for more product reviews!  I need 5 friends to view this page!  Crowdtap will also make a donation to the Nature Conservatory after 5 page views!

I am a Crowdtap member and as such am asked to review products, TV shows, and spread the word about new websites or products every now and then!  This is one such website that I have agreed to “spread the word” about!  Please help my efforts by rating this site, once you get there the rating is at the top of the page!  Feel free to connect with Crowdtap as well!  I would love if you joined me :)


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