Cast of Angel

#3 Finish watching Angel on Netflix – done

Per my 30 Before 30 list, I have been working on 3. Finish watching the last few seasons of Angel – done (08/2012) and I’ve just finished it! It has been an “interesting” 5th season to say the least.  Then 4th season was pretty crazy too and I didn’t like the addition of certain characters (I won’t spoil it if you haven’t seen it yet want to).  But the 5th season ended quite abruptly, for starters killed off my favorite character.  Then suddenly when it was just getting good again, the show was over!  So I give it 3 stars, for the full series.

Cast of Angel

Cast of Angel

Now I don’t know what to watch next!  I think I want to put off #12. Watch all seasons until up to date of Vampire Diaries.  I feel like that’s perfect for the winter months, I won’t get up to date enough to be able to see it on TV anyway.  I actually caught a few episodes early this summer and really liked it.  I love vampire movies and was excited when I heard the show was coming out until I saw it was on the CW and caught a few partial ‘eh’ episodes and didn’t care for it after that.  I’m not a big fan of CW shows, they are similar to whats been playing on ABC Family, tween drama shows that feature kids wearing designer clothes, any technology they want, their own cars, and extensive (for the age level of the audience and characters) amounts of sex- on the FAMILY channel!  Its just ridiculous and I don’t waste my time watching that stuff!  Actually I don’t watch a lot of TV at all, I’d much rather read blogs or do some crafting 🙂

Vampire Diaries Cast

Vampire Diaries Cast

If anyone else knows what I’m talking about, awesome.  I guess the first few episodes were mostly teen issues from what I remember, but the ones I saw early summer were all about vampire drama.  That’s what I want!  Plus, Stefan and Damon ARE HOT!  So in a few months I’ll watch that.

In the meantime, should I start Eureka over?  I have no idea what happened the first few seasons.  Should I finish Chuck?  I’m 2 seasons behind, I’d have to start over to really enjoy it again.  Or maybe I should try True Blood again?  I know everybody loves it, and I really loved the 1st season, but then I didn’t have access to the 2nd season and its been over 2 years now.

Or instead, should I concentrate on dwindling down some of the 200 items in my Netflix queue?  Perhaps I should concentrate on the movies I have in there.  I went thru phases of queuing documentaries like Deadly Dozen, Food Matters, National Geographic: Human Body, The Secret, Helvetica, etc.  Now I think maybe I will go thru my documentaries and eliminate a lot more!  I could go through all the animal ones fairly quickly, even though I must have like 30 to go thru, and some are TV series!  haha I love animal shows!

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