NEW Facebook page!

Hi everyone!  I have a NEW FACEBOOK page!  I am moving and soon to be closing my old page, Pear’s Palette, in favor of a new page that more clearly connects all of my work together.  Now my blog and facebook page will match!  You may still find my Etsy page as Pear’s Palette and if you know of Craftstar, my profile name is PearsPalette there as well.  However my shop is opening at Craftstar very soon under Christina Designs Art!  I welcome you all to check it out, perhaps Favorite me now, so when my items are added you will know 🙂

My Twitter handle has not changed but my name showing will now be ChristinaDesignsArt.

I would love if you would all head over there and LIKE my new Facebook page!!  Still setting everything up so theres not much to see yet, but these next few days will be spent setting it all up and getting it running!

Give us your two cents!

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