Versatile Blogger Award

How exciting!  I’ve been nominated by my good friend Erinn of Mustelamania!  Erinn blogs about ferrets, “ferret news, fun, and love”.  Lots of fuzzy love I’d say!  Erinn and I met a several years ago in the online forum-sphere, back when I was brand new to ferrets and she had a few as well as great advice for me!  I no longer have my ferrets, but I learned a lot and am still passionate about ferrets and their well-being.  Erinn is the main lady over at Ferret Harmony, which I helped create as well as I do some behind-the-scenes work!  This isn’t in the “rules” but Erinn was nominated by the lady over at Tinkerwolf and if you are at all interested in raw feeding your pets, you gotta check out her website!  I’ve seen so little but I’m about to head over and read up a bit myself!

Per the Rules, THANK YOU ERINN!  For nominating me for this super sweet award 🙂  I also must share 7 things about myself!  Here goes!

1.  I’m an artist and designer and massage therapist, sometimes more 1 than the other!

2. I love penguins.  I collect them in every/any form possible, but I always prefer the fatter penguins….the fatter the better, as I always say.

3. I just went Gluten-Free about 1.5 months ago, I haven’t been tested, but I’m about 99% positive I have a gluten intolerance.  This means no BEER (one of my fave “foods”), no pizza, no hamburger buns, no bread, no tortillas for tacos or chimmichangas, no crackers!  Slowly getting used to it.

4. I currently have no pets of my own, but I like to claim my boyfriend’s parent’s spaniel Daisy, my dad’s doberman Gabriel, my boyfriend’s sister’s lab Bo, and pretty much any other animal I meet, as mine.  One day…one day…

5. I definitely hoard art/craft supplies, and except for my inability to organize them, I quite enjoy it.

6. I learned jewelry-making back in January and have since made 50+ pairs of earrings, 100s of beaded bobby pins, and more bracelets.  And starting 2 weeks ago I’ve started selling them in stores 🙂

7. I can’t swim.

And now I must nominate up to 15 blogs that I think deserve a nomination!  Here are some of my new faves:

EnergyMuse – I just started following them a few days ago (and they may be almost as new) but I already love all the info I’ve learned so far!  The blog is about gemstones and their benefits.  There’s more info in there and the last 2 days have been about Rubys and Rose Quartz, as a jewelry-maker, this is good stuff to know!

Studio Mothers – I might not be a mom, but this blog is full of creative energy and support and encouragement!  Every Monday is the Creative Intentions day where they encourage you to write down what you want to accomplish that week.  I love it!  I find I actually get those things done, even if I only see it that day, I still have it in mind what needs to be done.  Plus, other great articles and encouragement!

Domestocrat – I love her writing style, and she has great projects and real recipes.  She also inspired my 30 Before 30! She seems very down-to-earth, like a friend you’re reading about, and I like that in a blog 🙂  Its what I try to do, write like I talk- I’ve been told that before!

Rubicorno – Photography via iPhone.  And not just landscape or people photos, he alters them via some apps on the iPhone, and they become these thought-provoking photos and everyday places can be changed just by the effect he’s placed on them.

GlutenFreeHappyTummy – One big fat THANK YOU for this site!  While I haven’t tried many new recipes yet, I know I will soon!  Having only been gluten-free less than 2 months, I’m still only eating whats available instead of making much.  But she really tries new things, and tastes tests new products so I don’t have to.  Gluten-free food is pricey, to buy something and not like it- no longer an option!

Renegade Seamstress – FULL of DIYs and Refashions!  I love a good refashion, in fact I have a bag full of clothes that I want to refashion into something!  This chica has such a good eye for turning blah items into something fab!  This is the website that encouraged me to turn a men’s button down shirt into a skirt- I haven’t posted yet because the shirt I picked was threadbare and I need to line it before I can wear it!  lol

10 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. mustelidblues

    I didn’t realize you went gluten-free! Congrats, I hope the change helps you feel your best. Sal is allergic to wheat (not a gluten thing, a true allergy) so I tend to eat pretty gluten-free anyway, but there are a lot of anecdotes and studies out there on the benefits of living gluten-free even for the average shmo who isn’t allergic or gluten-intolerant. Very interesting stuff!

    1. christinapertz1 Post author

      Yes I have! Its been kinda tough, seeing other people eat some pizza wasn’t too fun. But I bought gluten-free pizza crust that was really good. I also just read about Almond Flour and how good that is. GF has changed more than just my physical health, my mental health and my entire attitude has changed! My Mom says I’m a totally different person!

      1. mustelidblues

        I definitely see that with many people who go gluten-free. I’ve read studies about how gluten in some people is digested into a heroine-like peptide instead of the peptide it is meant to be digested into, and that creates a sort of ‘addiction’ to gluten but also fosters mental states associated with addiction. Odd, huh??

      2. christinapertz1 Post author

        That is weird! I haven’t read that yet. But I think I am more positive and I’ve noticed my feelings towards past “experiences” are much lighter than they used to be. I don’t feel so sad or upset about them anymore. I don’t know if its “time” or “gluten” thats made that happen! Either way, I’m happy my mind and body have let some things go!!!

  2. glutenfreehappytummy

    Congratulations on the award, Christina! and Thank you so much for nominating me! and thanks for your kind words:) Yay for going GF! I hope you’ve found that it’s gotten easier! With the new products and alternative flours that are out these days, you can enjoy practically anything!! Thanks again! Cheers!

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