Back to work!

Its so hard coming back from vacation!  All last week I enjoyed a lovely vacation with my boyfriend, first at Put-in-Bay, then back for a day, then headed up into Michigan to spend the weekend with a friend’s family, on a lake!  It was such a nice and relaxing vacation!  Plus I was able to secure some really cool items that I hope to use in future jewelry-making!

I still have to load all my photos to my computer, so I can only include the one photo I have on my phone!  This is my boyfriend, Dave, looking like a cute high school boy!  We were enjoying some afternoon drinkies, him beer me strawberry daiquiri, at the outdoor sand bar Mojito Bay!  The bar had swinging seats!  It was super fun, we spent 2 nights there, both nights with a great singer to enjoy!



And then of course I come back from vacay to reality, which for me is jewelry-making!  So here are a few of the beads I am working with today, what fun stuff might I be making??

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