Old Navy Swimsuits

Old Navy: How to Pick a Swimsuit for Your Body Type

Old Navy Swimsuits

Old Navy Swimsuits


I realize summer is almost half over for some of you, however, have you checked out Old Navy’s swimsuits??  They really had a great selection when I was there a few weeks ago!  Some really nice new patterns and styles to choose from.

Do you find swimsuit choosing to be an annoying process?  Old Navy has come up with this video and website to help you pick out the Perfect Swimsuit for Your Body Type!  I highly suggest you run on over here and check out the website!  While you are there, would you mind rating the site??

As a proud Crowdtap member I am often sent requests to review websites, clothes, and brands, and sometimes I am asked to poll my friends and have them vote and see what they think about a brand, product, or promotional offer.  This Old Navy Swimsuit video is one such poll.  If you could please take a few minutes to click on this link I would be so appreciative of your time and opinion!

Are you considering being a Crowdtap member?  I would love it if you joined me thru my button at the bottom of the page or here!  Thanks so much!



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