Sunshine Print

You Are My Sunshine via Etsy

Check out this cool print via my friend Jessica on Etsy!  You can also find her on Facebook! Buy it for your children, your boyfriend/girlfriend, or anyone you love!

Sunshine Print

You Are My Only Sunshine $15

10 thoughts on “You Are My Sunshine via Etsy

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  2. lambskinny

    I love this! I use this song in my novels ( metal man walking) and soon to be available (annie’s dream – workin title). Ooh, going to buy it. And share this post on the VBA, too.

    1. christinapertz1 Post author

      haha Actually no- this is a digital print. However if you contact the artist, I think she could easily make up a tshirt! You can find her on Etsy and also Facebook. Jessica is a good friend of mine and pretty much “does it all”. Did you see the People Promo post I had about her?


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