ON Beach Bum Party

Crowdtap: Old Navy Beach Bum Party

I used to have a blog over on Blogspot, Me and My Crafts, however it pretty much fizzled out.  I couldn’t keep up with the way I wanted it, so now I have a whole different outlook for how I want this particular blog to work!  At the same time, I’m still going to post my reviews of products here as well as other DIYs that I like to make!  I’m a slow crafter tho (a bit of a perfectionist at times) so it takes awhile for me to start and finish a project!

Eventually I will move my posts over here, possibly even rewrite some of them, but until then here are the links to past Crowdtap experiences so you know whats happening!

Old Navy Jeans Sample Share
Old Navy ActiveWear Party
Old Navy Summer Shorts Sample Share

“I belong to an online group called Crowdtap.  Please read more information about it here: Crowdtap  One of the great things about it, you give your opinion, answer questions, participate in discussions, and then you raise money for charities.  I picked the Nature Conservatory.  There are about 5 options, all good choices of course!  🙂
Another perk is participating in targeted discussions, some of my faves are to talk about Old Navy products.  I was recently approved to join an Old Navy Sample Share, basically I was mailed a coupon, 1 for me 1 for a friend, for a FREE pair of JEANS!!!”
Check below at the footer and click on my link to join me at Crowdtap and participate and hopefully qualify for Samples Shares and Parties as well!  On to the review!
This Crowdtap party with for Old Navy Beachwear.  The website (not anymore) shows a lot of different products to choose from, my family and I were really excited to hit up the store and check everything out!  The party consisted of my sister, her friend, my Mom, and myself.  The coupons were for 1 pair of ANY flip flops, 1 beach towel, 1 beach bag, and 1 pair of sunglasses.  That’s EACH of us gets one of those things!  How awesome right?  My sister has a pool, installed last spring so I was so excited to score a beach towel and of course you need a beach bag to head to the pool!  Sunglasses and flip flops….can you ever have too many?  I don’t think so.
Before I get to the photos, let me just tell you how disappointing this Beach Bum Party was.  The inventory was either GONE or on CLEARANCE.  The coupon clearly states clearance items may not be used with the coupon.  The only stuff left?  Beach bags that looked cheap and so not durable, beach towels that I guess nobody liked, sunglasses were all on clearance but they overrode it (I wasn’t leaving without all my free stuff), and flip flops ended up being this huge fiasco!
ON Beach Bum Party

ON Beach Bum Party

First of all, the webpage they sent us to talk about included beach coverups, swimsuits, ALL of the different flip flop and sandal options, hoodies, pants, etc.  So I was really hoping the coupon was going to include a coverup or swimsuit, I really really need one!  Not so much, that was my first disappointment.  We arrived at the store only to find so many items on clearance.  Luckily we went 2 days before they clearanced thousands of items, however because of schedules and time conflicts, I had 2 parties.  On Saturday there were many options, I got my first picks of things and the manager was very friendly.  On Monday more than half the store was clearanced (the manager said the day before they clearanced thousands of summer items), I had to pick other items that I didn’t really want, and the manager was unhelpful and kinda condescending at times.  Also, for mid-June it was so odd that I didn’t see ANY dresses in store.  WTF

ON Beach Bags

ON Beach Bags and Fancy Flip Flops

ON Fancy Flip Flops

ON Fancy Flip Flops

Saturday I was able to get the fancier flip flops that I love and wear EVERYDAY; the sunglasses even though they may have been on sale- still are great; the beach towels were pretty; my Mom wanted the Straw Bag and I picked a canvas bag.  The straw bag is so great, its big and fits so much, plus it looks to be well made.  My bag was canvas, and while I like it, I haven’t used it at all.  I really wanted the Bucket Bags but they were on clearance and only had one left.



The fancy flip flops were a problem the second day on Monday, the manager decided that “ANY FLIP FLOPS” only meant the basic ones.  I was HIGHLY disappointed.  Thats not what my sister wanted, and its not what her friend wanted.  I am still very upset, all the signage in the store said the sandals were flip flops, if you label something “flip flop” then thats what it is.  False advertising is NOT COOL with your consumers!  I was/am so upset I wrote a complaint about my ON store and how they handled this.  Their response?  “sorry”  If anything, I’ve told everyone I know how bad this was, I wrote what I could in my survey on the receipt.  I’m sure nothing has happened but it saddens me that ON had such a flippant response and the manager wasn’t as accommodating as he could have been.

Pool Time!

Pool Time!

Pool Time!

Pool Time!


In other news: the sunglasses are nice, not very dark, but they do the job.  The beach towels are SO PRETTY, they are soft, a normal thickness, still bright after a few washes.  The flip flops, basic and fancy, are still great quality.  I wear the fancy ones everyday, I absolutely LOVE the strap behind my ankle, better yet, LOL, I haven’t slipped on anything yet!  (knock knock)



All in all, I think next party/sample share I will choose a different Old Navy, there are 2 within 30mins of where I live.  And I will go as soon as I get my coupon, not going to put this off again.  Hopefully there won’t be any work scheduling conflicts to work around next time.  I still recommend Old Navy, but maybe I will do more online shopping, try on in the store, and shop online.

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  2. Shar

    Cannot recommend Crowdtap. Please see their facebook page for the NUMEROUS mounting complaints about this company!

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